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Supporting Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in South Africa

April 13, 2016

As part of National Volunteer Week this month, we are profiling our DataCorps volunteers of projects past, present and future. These volunteers donate a whopping 5-10 hours a week over the course of several months to apply data science techniques that can help advance a social change organization's mission.

"What an amazing opportunity to team up with DataKind and its volunteers on this exciting project. We believe it will be the start of a technological revolution changing South African agriculture as we know it. We'd like to extend a word of thanks to JeanCarlo at DataKind for the professional manner in which he facilitates the project as well as the DataCorps team for their willingness to apply their expertise on a voluntary basis. Thanks for serving our society!"

-Landi Kruger, Grain SA

Grain SA is a commodity organization representing all grain farmers in South Africa. Grain SA is working with a DataCorps team to automate the collection of metrics and basic analyses they utilize to drive their economic and agricultural forecasting models. This will free up their small team of economists to pursue further work to refine agricultural forecasting in South Africa and help develop systems to ensure sustainable agriculture in their country.

Meet The DataCorps Team

  • Ashley Miller - Senior Data Engineer, BuzzFeed
  • Catherine Pargeter - Analytics Manager, Orchard Platform
  • Tony DiLoreto - Principal Analytical Lead, Google
  • Stephane Doyen - Head of Data, StreetTeam
  • Andrea La Rosa - Data Scientist, Unilever 
  • Paulo Rosario - Economist, Finance and Leasing Association