Welcome Caroline Charrow, DataKind’s Senior Manager, Network

We’re thrilled to welcome yet another stellar member to the DataKind team. Please join us in celebrating Caroline Charrow as DataKind’s Senior Manager, Network!

Caroline comes to DataKind with over a decade of experience connecting geographically dispersed staff and volunteers at Teach For America and Khan Academy, and has seen firsthand the impact that building relationships and sharing knowledge across networks can have on empowering people to take local actions that combine into a global movement. With her love for building communities of passionate people working towards a more equitable world, Caroline will work to create an environment in which Chapters can contribute toward the DataKind mission, feel valued for their unique abilities, and reflect the diverse communities they represent. We couldn’t be more grateful to have her aboard, and we know she’ll do great work here.

Learn more about Caroline below, and please give her the warmest of DataKind welcomes!

What were you up to before DataKind?

Most recently, I was at Khan Academy, where I worked with volunteers around the world to translate free educational resources into dozens of different languages. I had the privilege of getting to know amazing volunteers from Armenia to Uzbekistan, and using my position to connect them with the resources they needed to make an impact in their local communities. Prior to that, I worked at Teach For America, where I served a similar role connecting and building community between nonprofit staff in fifty different regions. In both roles I learned the power of a network of like-minded, passionate people working towards a common goal.

Why are you excited to join DataKind?

At both Khan Academy and Teach For America, I saw firsthand the impact that well-applied data analysis can have on deciding how to prioritize scarce resources and maximize impact. I’m beyond excited to have found a role that combines my love of building and supporting geographically distributed volunteer networks with the ability to accelerate the impact of local nonprofits doing great work.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m an avid reader and usually read about a hundred books per year. I also really enjoy baking – either independently (when I practice more complicated skills and recipes), or with my toddler (when I just try to finish with the kitchen in one piece and an edible result). I’m lucky to live in the California Bay Area, where the weather is wonderful and there’s lots of nature to explore, so most weekends I’m with my family at the beach, on a hike, or checking out a local park.

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