Welcome Shiny Chu, DataKind’s Associate, Operations

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Shiny Chu to the team. She’s joining us as DataKind’s Associate, Operations!

Shiny’s always been passionate about working in the social sector. Through marrying her interests in operations and nonprofits, she hopes to learn all aspects of nonprofit management and play a key role behind the scenes. A detail-oriented systems thinker, she’ll bring a customer service orientation to ensure that our day-to-day activities run smoothly in pursuit of our mission. Shiny will also help to drive interconnectedness across DataKind, building and maintaining strong systems and processes and removing barriers to success. Needless to say, Shiny’s a great addition to the team, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes.

Read on to learn more about Shiny, and please give her some DataKind love!

What were you up to before DataKind?

Prior to DataKind, I was working in Dubai as a consultant through the Dubai Business Associates program, a royal decree company meant to bring international talent into Dubai while providing executive training in consulting. I also worked in the international participants department at World Expo 2020, helping to develop six international days to be commemorated at the Expo, including human rights, water, wildlife days, and more. I worked with UAE ministries that partnered with major international organizations to celebrate these days such as the UN, LAS, and African Union.

Why are you excited to join DataKind?

I’m really excited to work at DataKind because I’ve always wanted to have a career of impact and work with people who are passionate about doing good. I immediately could tell how dedicated everyone here is and that made me want to be a part of this community even more. I love that my role on the Operations team directly supports the Data Science & AI for Good movement and our volunteers and project partners from all around the world. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to travel! I grew up going to Taiwan every year until I was 18. And because my mom used to work for an airline, I traveled a lot in college, studying abroad three times and traveling over breaks. Most recently, I hiked in the Himalayas while living in Dubai. When I can’t go somewhere, I love spending time with my dog, Charlie, taking photos with my too-expensive camera, and sitting around talking with my friends until we can’t anymore.

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