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DataKind tackles the world’s toughest challenges with data science and AI to improve the capabilities, reach and scale of social impact organizations.

Founded in 2012 during the first wave of the Data-for-Good movement, DataKind is a global organization based in the US, with staff and volunteers in San Francisco; Washington, DC; London, UK; Bengaluru (Bangalore), India; and Singapore. With a vibrant network of more than 30,000 supporters and volunteers around the world, DataKind is able to engage on a wide variety of issues, continually bringing the benefits of data science to new communities.

DataKind can provide speakers, data, commentary, and general expertise on the following topics:

  • Ethics in Data and AI

  • Data & Technology for Social Impact

  • Data Maturity and the Social Impact Sector

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry

AI Solutions for:

  • Climate & Environment

  • Frontline Health

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Humanitarian Response

  • Higher Education

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