Male College Student Meeting With Campus Counselor Discussing Mental Health Issues

Student Success

Making a difference though data-driven college advising

Using predictive modeling, DataKind’s Student Success Tool takes in your data to help advising teams better prioritize student outreach and intervention efforts. These data have helped advisors drive significant increases in graduation rates and keep students on the learning path.

It can be difficult to know which students need extra attention from advising teams. Our model will recommend which students need interventions most and when an intervention should take place, allowing your advising teams to work far more efficiently and effectively. We’ll take the guesswork out of advising, so that your team can spend more time focusing on students, making strong recommendations, creating success strategies, and driving academic success. 

Forty percent of college students drop out every year in the US, and only 41% of are able to graduate within four years with no interruption to their studies. Data science tools like ours can make big differences in the lives of students and universities alike.

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