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Volunteer with DataKind

As a data scientist, you know that data has immense potential for positive social impact. As a DataKind volunteer, you’ll be applying your expertise to pressing critical issues such as poverty, healthcare access, and mitigating the impacts of climate change, working directly with both DataKind staff and our social impact partners.

Our projects allow quantitative experts to use their skills to make a difference in communities around the world. Volunteering with DataKind also offers opportunities for professional growth and skill development, as it involves collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, tackling real-world problems, and navigating diverse datasets. 

Volunteers may be located anywhere in the world, as DataKind has many opportunities to volunteer remotely. In-person opportunities are typically (but not always) located in a city with a DataKind chapter. DataKind also hosts pop-up events in cities around the world, giving our remote volunteers an opportunity to engage and network.

Become a DataKind Volunteer in three easy steps:

Step 1: Learn about DataKind’s Projects


To see if volunteering with DataKind is right for you, check out our blog to learn about volunteer spotlights and our recent projects to get a sense of what types of issues you would be working on, and what the experience can offer. You can also attend any of our regular webinars or drop in on a virtual DataDive event. Follow DataKind on Twitter, LinkedInFacebook, or sign up for our newsletter to hear about new events and projects.

Step 2: Create a Volunteer Profile

Go to, and log in to your account or set up for a new one. You will be asked to include your contact details, as well as your data science skills and experience. You may also upload a picture and personal bio. Keep you profile up-to-date so you can be considered for volunteer opportunities as they arise.

Step-by-step instructions on creating a DataKind profile on Rosterfy. [pdf]

Step 3: Follow DataKind and Apply for Projects

Follow DataKind on social media, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive all calls for volunteers and notifications of new projects. If you are located near a DataKind Chapter, you can connect with them directly for in-person events.

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