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Social impact professionals, whether in government, nonprofit, or a direct service provider, are embracing data science as a transformative tool to enhance their missions and drive impactful change in the communities they serve.

DataKind believes that data-driven decision-making can empower nonprofit professionals to make strategic choices, measure their impact, and more efficiently serve their communities, ultimately leading to a more successful and impactful organization.

From fundraising and donor engagement to resource allocation to predictive analyses, working with DataKind will help you gain valuable insights from large and complex datasets, enabling your organization to make informed decisions, identify trends, uncover hidden patterns, and design tools and solutions that move you forward. DataKind meets organizations where they are in terms of data maturity and skill level. Whether you are new to data science or are looking to refine your approach, we can help you use data to answer questions about your programs or the communities you serve, help you cut costs and improve efficiency, and predict future needs and better allocate resources.

DataKind partners with mission-driven, social impact organizations with a clear theory of change, who are able to connect that to real world impact, and either have data to explore, or are looking for help finding new data. DataKind is particularly looking for organizational leaders who are committed to making data-driven decisions.

Interested in partnering with DataKind?

  • Start your data journey with DataKind’s Nonprofit Data 101 series. These webinars are a great way to learn about the basics of working with data, and show what organizations can expect when working with DataKind. 

  • Check out our partner spotlights and case studies. These provide examples of data-driven that DataKind can offer, and show how our partners are using these insights to advance their missions.

  • If you think DataKind is a good fit for you, fill out our partner form.

  • While DataKind is not able to respond to every partner application, we encourage potential partners to subscribe to DataKind’s newsletter and follow us on social media to learn about upcoming events, and opportunities for partnership.


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