Photo credit: JB Bodane

Could satellite imagery be used to automatically detect illegal mining from afar? Could anomaly detection be used to flag potentially unfair or questionable contracts?


We partnered with Omidyar Network to answer these questions and apply advanced techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence to combat corruption in the extractives industry. Throughout the project, which launched last fall, we’ve hosted quarterly webinars to present learnings, share take-aways and surface recommendations as well as additional considerations from our community of expert data scientists and industry practitioners.


Here are the three webinars from the DataKind and Omidyar Network – Extractives Learning Out Loud series. Throughout the series, you’ll learn more about the insights unearthed from the projects, explore the datasets used, and get an in-depth look into the data science solutions developed to help improve transparency in the extractives industry.


Learning Out Loud Webinar #1



Learning Out Loud Webinar #2



Learning Out Loud Webinar #3


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