Welcome Naeha Vora, DataKind’s Senior Manager, Program Operations

Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest member of the team. Join us in celebrating Naeha Vora as DataKind’s Senior Manager, Program Operations! 

Naeha is an experienced project manager and systems thinker. Prior to joining DataKind, she was the Admissions and Operations Manager at Global Health Corps where she managed the recruitment and selection process for the global fellowship program, and led database management and improvement efforts. In her role at DataKind, she’ll support budget management and keep core processes running smoothly behind the scenes.

Learn more about Naeha below. With a passion for optimizing tools and processes to improve organizational impact, we’re excited to have her onboard.

What were you up to before DataKind?

Most recently, I was the Admissions and Operations Manager at Global Health Corps, a leadership development organization that provides fellowship programs for young professionals in the U.S. and East and Southern Africa. While there, I managed all aspects of the fellowship admissions process, including the recruitment and selection of fellows, and managing volunteer application reviewers. Additionally, I managed and led improvement initiatives for the fellowship application database and the organizational CRM database, which sparked my interest in data and the value it provides for social impact organizations.

Why are you excited to join DataKind?

I’m passionate about data-driven decision-making and the power data has to maximize the impact of an organization or industry. I’m excited to contribute to DataKind’s work and mission to leverage data science and AI in the service of humanity, and to work alongside a team of smart, hardworking, and kind people. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

​I ​love traveling​ and exploring new areas – whether it’s a new neighborhood within New York City or ​a different state or country. I also love to dance, and enjoy learning different styles of dance. ​And I have a big sweet tooth, so I love trying new dessert shops.

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