Reintroducing DataKind Bengaluru

At DataKind, we strive every day to ensure we’re living our values. In an effort to continue to live up to our values of equity and respecting the richness of our community, we have an exciting announcement. We’re happy to share that the Chapter formerly known as DataKind Bangalore is now named DataKind Bengaluru

The city’s name was officially returned to Bengaluru in 2006 when the anglicized “Bangalore” was replaced with “Bengaluru,” the city’s original name in the local Kannada language. The city, also known as India’s Silicon Valley, was among 11 other cities in Karnataka state that also changed their names. 

The discussion to make this change began in early 2021 when DataKind and its local volunteers began discussing how we could honor Indian national heritage and ancestry. After internal discussions, it was obvious that we should adopt the appropriate and official name for the city in our Chapter name to ensure our nomenclature matched our values and intention in the Data Science and AI for Good space. So without further ado, DataKind is excited to update our Chapter name accordingly! 

We thank our volunteers for opening this conversation and our community for welcoming this change. We also want to celebrate the incredible work of the Chapter and highlight their latest blog post about Using Data to Learn About Pre-Independence India. Read more about DataKind Bengaluru’s name change here. 

You can also read more about DataKind Bengaluru and the work on their new website or GitHub. DataKind Bengaluru is always looking for volunteers to join their Chapter. Connect with their community and learn more about their latest activities by signing up to get involved and joining their Slack channel.


“It’s a new step in the journey for our Chapter,” said Vivek Shrinivasan, DataKind Bengaluru Chapter Leader. “We express immense gratitude to all the volunteers and core team members that have worked to build the Bengaluru community and brought us to where we are today. The network of people involved act as a strengthening pillar and catalyst for the Chapter, helping us to work with prominent mission-driven organizations and making an impact on society. We’re looking forward to continuing to contribute to the Data Science and AI for Good movement.”

Joining the DataKind Movement

DataKind’s work is possible through the generosity of our volunteers, donors, and corporate sponsors. If you’re moved and can join us in supporting this and our future important work, please become a donor here. Every gift helps DataKind harness the power of data science and AI in the service of humanity.   

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