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Located in the "Silicon Valley of India," DataKind Bangalore (DataKind BLR) launched in August 2014 to ensure the city is equally known for its leadership in the data-for-good movement.  Bangalore is home to a large number of data professionals working at global technology firms, tech start-ups and research labs. There is also a robust local network of nonprofits working in areas ranging from rural development, literacy and health care to urban renewal and employment. Many of these organizations already have data professionals on staff and interest in using technology and data to further their work. Datakind BLR is in an ideal position to bring these groups together to not only make a local impact but serve as a shining example of data-for-good in India.

Meet the Team

  • Vivek Shrinivasan

    Vivek is DataKind Bangalore's Chapter Leader overlooking the Chapter operations and working on strengthening the work DataKind Bangalore does. Vivek believes in the “Less is More” philosophy and considers simplicity as a principle in doing any work. He draws tangents from product designs as well as game strategy (football) to concretize ideas, from his day job as a UX designer at SAP or even side projects. The intersection of visualisation (art) and bit of geeky-ness (python+js) drew him to DataKind as a volunteer and the empathy to give "meaningful" solutions to the ones in need.

  • Shruti Mathur

    Shruti joined DataKind as a volunteer in 2018 and has worked with organizations in healthcare, education, and government sectors. She's passionate about solving problems through data that have an impact on society at large. Shruti's a software developer by profession and a music lover at heart.

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