The Power of Movement Building: DataKind’s Global Volunteer Summit
October 07, 2022

DataKind recently brought together more than 100 data science volunteers from over 20 different countries, from Brazil, India, Singapore, and more, for our annual Global Volunteer Summit. 

The Summit was once again a joint effort between DataKind team members and a volunteer planning committee. Volunteers developed a majority of the sessions with a special showcase of DataKind’s completed and ongoing projects in safety, education, financial inclusion, and civic engagement. See links to slides and recordings below.

Volunteers are at the heart of what we do at DataKind, and having them lead the way in designing and facilitating the Summit was crucial to its success.


In addition to the volunteer-led sessions, we had a fantastic keynote by DJ Patil, former U.S. Chief Data Scientist and DataKind supporter. Lauren Woodman shared reflections and learnings on her first year as DataKind CEO and what’s to come. Rachel Wells, DataKind Senior Manager, Center of Excellence, provided an introduction to the social sector, enabling our volunteer community to have a better understanding of the assets, nuances, and needs organizations have when partnering with DataKind. 


In addition to these sessions, we featured networking time for our community to connect one on one with each other. In fact, the main feedback from the post-Summit attendee survey was that people wanted more networking time.

We look forward to hosting an even bigger Global Volunteer Summit next year so we can continue to build and strengthen our community of DataKinders around the world. And next time, we’ll be sure to have even more networking time. We hope to “see” many of you there! 

In the meantime, check out the slide and recording from each session below.

  • Welcome (video)
    • Lauren Woodman, CEO, DataKind (slides)
    • Introduction to Nonprofits for Data People from DataKind’s Center of Excellence (slides)
  • Volunteer Showcase (video | slides)
    • Data Advisory to the Rescue: Helping nonprofit orgs reach the next level of data maturity
  • Keynote (video)
  • Volunteer Showcase (video)
    • Mapping Home Fire Risk to Save Lives (slides)
    • Improving Community College Course Scheduling through Demand Forecasting (slides)
    • Analyzing Loan Borrower Data to Improve Business Performance (slides)
    • Data Validation and Mobility Data—Is It Fun? (slides)

Make sure to join us for our upcoming 10 Year Anniversary virtual event on Friday, November 11, 11am–1pm EST to celebrate the Power of a Decade of data for good, DataKind’s impact using data science and AI to advance the global social sector, and explore what the future can bring together.

Huge thanks to the Summit volunteer presenters and panelists: DJ Patil, Ren C'deBaca, Victoria Hollingshead, Viggy Kumaresan, Jaya Pokuri, Kelson Shilling-Scrivo, Anjana (Ani) Sundaram, Melinda Tellez

This event was made possible thanks to the generous support of Teradata Cares.

Join the DataKind movement.

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