Introducing Our New Labs Blueprint

Thanks to support from the Rita Allen Foundation, we are pleased to share our Labs Blueprint, a new resource documenting our learnings and approach from our first Labs project using data science to improve traffic safety in three U.S. cities.

Labs projects differ from other DataKind projects in that they are designed to address sector-wide challenges instead of a specific organization’s. As these projects look to move the needle on sector-wide issues, our hope is this document can help others learn from and hopefully be able to launch similar projects to drive change. 

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How To Use This Guide

Just as the data science process isn’t linear, neither is this guide. This is actually a series of learning modules that you can move between depending on your interests.

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Modules one to three provide background about DataKind Labs, data science and our Vision Zero Labs project, while modules four to six are designed for project managers and intermediary organizations and offer in-depth information on how to replicate DataKind’s Labs process and more details on our approach.

This resource is intended to support those interested in replicating or building upon our work to help advance Vision Zero efforts in communities or those looking to create similar scalable data-driven projects to help move the needle on sector-wide social issues. For example:

  • Data scientists or civic tech advocates interested in seeing examples of how you can apply data science for sector-wide impact
  • Social change organizations or local governments  interested in learning about data science and how it can move the needle on sector-wide issues
  • Intermediary organizations that, like DataKind, convene stakeholders on similar tech for good projects and are interested in an “under the hood” look at our work

At the end of every module is a feedback form where you can share your thoughts and questions. We’d love to hear from you. 

Learn More

Check out our full case study for more detail on our Vision Zero Labs project and for additional resources.

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