Powering Public Data for Communities: Highlights from Virtual DataDive®️ Report Back

We recently hosted our DataDive Report Back, keeping with the theme of Trust, Transparency, Togetherness: Powering Public Data for Communities, and we’re honored and humbled by the level of excitement and engagement that we received from our first virtual DataDive event of 2021. When we call on our community, you all truly show up!

For the Report Back, we had a packed hour (Link to video | Link to slides). Nearly 150 attendees from across the globe joined as we showcased three of the projects from the DataDive weekend and then led a discussion on how the project outputs will create impact with a powerhouse panel of leaders from CONVINCE, New America, Save the Children, and The International Monetary Fund. 

DataDive events remain one of the best ways to experience the energy, intentionality, and impact our work has in real-time. The format is a nod to DataKind’s early days of programming that grew into the global community of driven, compassionate people it is today. 

To our volunteers from the DataDive weekend – whether you were able to join us for an hour, a day, or the whole event – you made an impact, and we thank you for your participation and hope to connect with you on another project. Together, you donated your talents and over 900 hours over a single weekend to boost the missions of our partner organizations. And to our brilliant project partners, thanks for trusting us and joining us on this data journey. Along with our staff members and volunteers, you’ve made this one of the most successful DataDive events to date. 

Check out the Report Back recordings below!

Increasing opportunities for humanitarian response by identifying areas for collaboration and data systems improvement

Listen to Caitlin Augustin, our Senior Director, Product, as she talks about how our volunteers strengthened the reach of humanitarian response organizations in times of crisis with the consortium of Save the Children, CARE, and Oxfam

Combating vaccine hesitancy by turning social listening into action

Hear from Phil Azar, one of our Technical Leads, as he talks about how our volunteers developed methods for understanding COVID-19 vaccine trust and combating vaccine hesitancy with the CONVINCE coalition

Establishing correlations between housing vulnerability, race, and socio-economic factors in the U.S. by creating tools and visualizations for intervention

Learn from Mallory Sheff, one of our Portfolio Managers, as she talks about how our volunteers visualized housing loss and created tools that could support intervention with the Future of Land and Housing Program at New America. 

What’s next? Hear from our project partners.

Leaders from New America, CONVINCE, International Monetary Fund, and Save the Children discuss the DataDive weekend’s activities and the role data science and AI can play in urgent social challenges. The lineup of panelists included:

  • Yuliya Panfil, Director, Future of Land and Housing, New America
  • Seema Parmar, Coalition Lead, CONVINCE 
  • Aleem Walji, Senior Advisor, Strategy & Innovation, International Monetary Fund 
  • John Zoltner, Senior Advisor of Technology Innovation, Save the Children

The DataDive event was a huge success, but it wasn’t the conclusion of this work. As a nonprofit, the generosity of individuals and organizations is critical to our ability to work on the most pressing issues.

If you share our vision for the world and want to help expand our resources so we can provide innovative solutions that strengthen the social sector and create lasting change, please contact us at partners@datakind.org


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