DataDive® events
DataDive events are high energy, marathon-style happenings where mission-driven organizations work alongside teams of volunteer data scientists, developers, and designers to use data to gain insight into their programs, the communities they serve and more. All in 48 hours or less.
How it works

DataDive events are collaborative work sessions where volunteers analyze, visualize, and mashup data to give their partner organizations initial insights or prototypes to inform their work. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to build new skills and new connections and for organizations to get fast results.

DataDive teams are made up of 10-20 volunteers with a variety of skills and are led by a Data Ambassador and Project Manager. Volunteers may jump from team to team during the weekend. Volunteer with us!
Any mission-driven organization can apply to work with a DataDive team, which includes nonprofits, social enterprises, and government agencies. They designate a partner representative as point person for the DataDive team. Partner with us!
DataDive Team
Partner Organization

Data Ambassador

Data Experts

Partner Representative

DataKind works with the organization to scope and identify its key data questions. Data Ambassadors are then hand-selected to lead the project and prepare the data, perhaps hosting a DataJam where volunteers will assist in data cleansing.
The Big Event
With the question scoped and the data cleansed, it's time to open the doors and let the volunteers roll in! Volunteers are not assigned to a project, but choose one they are most passionate about or rotate to sample a few. DataDive events are generally open to the public and volunteers have varying skill levels so Data Ambassadors oversee the project from start to finish to ensure meaningful work gets delivered.
Unlike a hack-a-thon, the goal of a DataDive event is not necessarily to create an app. Instead it is to work with teams of experts to understand a truly difficult problem through data. Organizations walk away with anything from visualizations, analyses, graphs or even just some new datasets. DataDive events can lead to DataCorps projects and, for many organizations, serve as an exhilarating introduction to data science!
What gets produced?
Answers to pressing questions, findings that will cut costs or prototypes of advocacy tools to name a few. No matter what, organizations will leave with a much clearer understanding of how data science can be used to advance their missions.

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