Introducing DataKind Learning Circles

Discuss AI use at your organization alongside other strategic social impact data leaders with support from DataKind

Nonprofits and other social impact organizations are under enormous pressure to develop capabilities and capacity to use AI in everything they’re doing… yesterday! Working at organizations that must be risk averse to protect the populations they work with, these professionals don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for greater contribution or make a mistake from rushing into using these new technologies. As we’re all learning what great AI usage looks like in the social sector right now, DataKind is engaging social impact data leaders through Learning Circles to help each organization understand and apply best practices appropriate to their context.

DataKind Learning Circles enable professionals at social impact organizations to engage in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing with a cohort, alongside support for data strategy that enable organizational data maturity growth from a trusted expert. 

Our first Learning Circle cohort will be focused on discussing challenges and opportunities of equitable and accountable Generative AI at their organizations. We’ll meet weekly for 60 minutes for four weeks in January 2024. To get the most out of the program, we also ask participants to dedicate at least two hours per week to reviewing the knowledge materials and developing their strategy outside of the workshops. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive consultative support from GenAI expert volunteers to answer technical questions throughout January and February 2024.

Our intention is to bring together education materials, cohort knowledge sharing, and support to data strategy leaders at social impact organizations by providing a safe space for them to discuss their opportunities and challenges.

DataKind Learning Circles are for data advocates who can lead data change initiatives at their organization. 

There are three ways you can join us:

  1. If you’re a social impact organization professional who wants to participate, apply using this form.
  2. If you have experience building GenAI production tools and want to volunteer to support the social impact professional participants, apply to volunteer on rosterfy.
  3. If you want to sponsor this program, so we can make it available to more social impact organizations, please reach out to us at 

We’re piloting this new program thanks to the generous support of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. This offering complements our Nonprofit Data 101 webinar series, which provides approachable overviews of data science topics with a focus on social sector applications, as solid grounding education resources for social impact professionals getting started with using data.

Do you have more questions about the program or ideas for how we can make it better? Reach out to us at

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