Welcome Sophia Harms, DataKind’s Manager, Technology

We’re thrilled to have our newest member of the team with us. Shout out to Sophia Harms as DataKind’s Manager, Technology! 

Sophia comes to DataKind with extensive experience in customer relationship management and digital engagement, mainly with political and nonprofit organizations. With a passion for technology that’s widely accessible and easily usable, she’ll bring an eye for usability and a customer service orientation to ensure our technology systems are user friendly and run smoothly. As a human-centered technologist, Sophia will play a key role in all aspects of full stack platform development, and support and interact with every team within DataKind, including our world-class volunteers. We’re delighted to have her, and we know she’ll do great things here.

Check out more about Sophia below, and make sure to give her the warmest of DataKind welcomes!

What were you up to before DataKind?

Most recently, I was the Team Lead for Digital in Client Services at a software company that provides CRM products to nonprofits and political campaigns. While there, I worked with a range of organizations to identify digital engagement and political compliance solutions. Sometimes this meant helping a small advocacy group send their first broadcast email, and other times it meant project managing a national campaign’s online tool delivery. Earlier in my career, I was a field organizer. That experience shaped my appreciation for volunteers, and for the impact data can have on social change movements.

Why are you excited to join DataKind?

Being in technology often means amplifying others’ work, and it’s important to me that I do that in service of an organization whose values are closely aligned with my own. I’m excited to contribute to DataKind’s mission and impact, and to do so alongside the creative, smart, and thoughtful people I’m so fortunate to call coworkers now. I look forward to rising to meet big challenges together, and learning from one another in the process. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to hike, both close to home and far afield. In between those real life adventures, I like to go places in books and will read just about anything that family, friends, or coworkers recommend. I paint a little, sew sometimes, and am always tinkering with technologies like GIS.

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