Welcome Phil Azar, DataKind’s New Technical Lead

At DataKind, our Technical Leads play a key role in the Programs Team in overseeing a portfolio of volunteer-led projects using cutting-edge technology to help mission-driven organizations from around the world make an even greater impact. They create an environment in which volunteers can contribute in meaningful ways to our partners. 

We’re honored to welcome Phil Azar as the newest member of our team. As Technical Lead of our Economic Resilience Impact Practice, he’ll harness his deep experience as a data scientist. He’ll manage a set of long-term DataCorps projects from start to finish, staffing teams of talented pro bono data scientists with the right skills to get the work done, and build strong relationships with our project partners, ensuring everyone has a great experience in the process. 

Learn more about his background below and please join us in giving Phil a proper DataKind welcome! 

What were you up to before DataKind?

Prior to DataKind, I worked as a data scientist for a large retailer focused on machine learning and statistical analysis. My main body of work was building machine learning algorithms to predict customers’ response to a variety of digital channels, and automating those processes for the retailer and suppliers to leverage for communication. In short, if you ever had a banner ad follow you around the web, I’m sorry. 

Why are you excited to join DataKind?

I’m excited to merge my expertise with my passion for Data & AI for Good projects. In the past, I volunteered with OpenSTL, St. Louis’ Code for America brigade, and with my former company’s social responsibility arm. This grew my interest in applying data science to civic and social problems. As machine learning and data science become easier for organizations to adopt, we need to ensure their use is both equitable and effective. This is where DataKind and, specifically, the Technical Lead lives, and what greatly interested me in the role. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Outside of work, I’m usually training for a marathon, teaching my dog Zoey a new trick, or cooking. 


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