Celebrating DataKind's Values
July 12, 2016

More than what gets done at DataKind, we care about how it gets done. Our work depends on bringing together diverse experts across sectors so we strive to build an open and welcoming culture that supports world-changing collaborations. There is is a DataKind way of doing things and, each quarter, we celebrate DataKinders that have exemplified one of our core values in their work. Winners are nominated by their colleagues and selected by our Leadership Team.

We’re thrilled to announce the next cohort of winners from the last quarter. Read on to get inspired by some of the DataKinders doing incredible work in true DataKind spirit.


People rely on our abilities and those of our volunteers, so we only accept the best and the brightest into DataKind’s staff and top ranks. We strive to continuously learn and improve.

Andrew Brooks - Core Volunteer, DataKind DC
Andrew has built a great rapport the American Red Cross team, managing three Data Ambassadors, three core volunteers and dozens of others volunteers to help the organization better target its smoke alarm installation campaigns nationwide. American Red Cross just launched the tool and will be training staff to use it to ensure its remaining smoke alarms go where they are most needed, impacting millions of Americans.  This long-term effort is a perfect example of how DataKinders not only do excellent work, but build strong relationships with partner organizations to build something that it can implement to further its mission. Thank you, Andrew for helping lead this impressive initiative! This tool will save lives.


We are mindful of the way our work affects others. We have the best intentions for others in mind. We are not just working with data, we are working with people.

Abhishek Kapatkar - DataKind San Francisco
Abhishek’s commitment to making projects truly beneficial to DataKind San Francisco’s partner organizations is inspiring. Over the past three months, Abhishek has put in time far beyond his  commitments to understand the perspectives of the organizations’ representatives and the communities they serve. He has pushed our core team to work harder and faster on their behalf. It is clear that he cares about the details that make each relationship successful. Thank you, Abhishek for ensuring we keep people at the center of all we do!


We share our learnings loudly and widely. We speak directly to one another and we do not hide from hard truths. We share as much of our work as we can in service of the mission. 

Rishi Nalin Kumar - DataKind UK
Rishi's data science knowledge, business acumen, and global perspective converged in an internal working group focused on improving our project intake process. He provided the inspiration for the project and his commitment for making this a global example of transparency and quality is outstanding. Rishi’s work will ultimately help even more worthy organizations get connected to the data science resources they need to amplify their mission. 

Fun & Approachable

We make everyone feel welcome. Even if you’re not tech savvy we make data science understandable for you. We make it clear to our teammates that we are always available for them.

Miriam Young - DataKind Headquarters
As one staff member put it, “the moment I walked into DataKind I know I'd found something special.” Miriam has consistently set a tone for the NYC office that makes everyone feel welcome and that every day we are lucky to be a part of such a unique team. Her commitment to truly valuing each DataKind team member and making the extra effort to make our workplace special sets the tone for the entire company.


We seek diverse viewpoints, skillsets, and lifestyles in our staff and community. We intentionally recruit people from varied backgrounds, histories, and values to create the rich and vibrant team needed to tackle wicked problems. 

Serena Lin -  DataKind Headquarters
While diversity has always been one of DataKind's core values, Serena has fearlessly stepped up to help us navigate what could be a difficult topic in an authentic, approachable way. Although none of this is in her job description, Serena has gone out of her way to help staff connect with each other on the topic and given valuable perspective. It’s clear the support she has given us will serve as a strong foundation for the work ahead. Thank you, Serena, for helping us strengthen our practices to make DataKind a truly welcoming and inclusive community. 


Though we are experts, we do not hold our skills or experiences over others. We bring our strengths to the table and leave our egos at the door.

Deepthi Chand (DC) - DataKind Bangalore
Don't let DC's quiet nature fool you, his contributions to DataKind Bangalore speak loud and clear. After leading a session for several hours as an amazing scrum master, DC confessed that he felt he wasn't doing enough. The truth is we are amazed by all DC has contributed. Apart from being the go-to guy for anything Agile and an objective voice in the core team, he's dedicated and humble. We are constantly blown away by how much DataKind Bangalore has grown and it's thanks to leaders like DC that it's growing even further.


Want even more inspiration?

Check out the first ever cohort of winners from last quarter!


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