Big news! Data Without Borders is now officially DataKind!

April 26, 2012

We promised you big news in April, and we're here to deliver: We're thrilled to announce that, as of today, Data Without Borders will officially be known as DataKind!

When we launched this initiative last summer, we chose the name "Data Without Borders" so that we could start working right away on harnessing the amazing energy and enthusiasm of the community for solving the world's toughest problems with data. Data Without Borders was a successful stand-in name - people related to the concept and our parents "got it" - but we knew from Day 1 that we needed an identity that truly captured our mission and ethos, a name that was truly our own.

During our work together over the past several months, we have been endlessly inspired by your generosity, expertise, and commitment to using data in the service of humanity. As we considered names, DataKind emerged as the perfect encapsulation of this purpose and passion, and we are incredibly happy to share it with you today. We think it truly encompasses our mission, and we are excited to work with you under the banner of DataKind for years to come!

In the coming months we will be launching multiple new initiatives to connect data scientists with civic and social organizations. We hope that you'll continue to follow us and participate in the exciting endeavors that we have planned, from our weekend DataDives to building out our DataCorps to hiring new scientists on-staff. You can stay up to date on everything we have planned by checking out our new website, our new Facebook page, or by following us at @datakind on Twitter.

We owe thanks to a huge number of people in getting us to where we are today, not least of which is the wonderful Cheryl Heller, who graciously guided us toward the perfect name (for you data volunteers with an eye for design, check out Cheryl's wonderful Design for Social Innovation program at SVA). Moreover, we have all of you to thank for the awe-inspiring momentum of this project, and we're looking forward to your continued inspiration, motivation, and support as DataKind grows!

We're DataKind. Are you?