Where in the World Is DataKind?

November 19, 2013

DataKind's been circling the country (and globe) these past few months spreading the word about data for good.  From Vegas to DC, here's an update on where we've been and what our network's been doing:

In October, we attended Strata NYC. DataCorps Ambassador Brian d'Alessandro spoke at the Data Olympics as part of NYC Data Week and wowed everyone with the work he did to help NYC Parks

We also joined the Taproot Foundation and Center for Social Innovation at Pro Bono Day NYC, where Jake spoke on a panel about how tech and data folks can put their skills to use in the pro bono sector.

Sara-Jayne Terp and Kamalesh Rao came to speak to our Meetup about crisis mapping and data science in international development. You can read more about Sara's work with crisis management here

At the beginning of November, Jake hosted the IBM Information on Demand Conference and got to tell 13,000 attendees about amazing DataKind projects like the work many of you all did for DC Action for Kids

Then we went down to DC to talk about our partnership with Pivotal at White House-sponsored Data To Action initiative. 

Meanwhile our DataKindUK chapter leaders gave some amazing talks at Strata London on Doing Evil with Data.

Katy Peters and Solomon Kahn dropped by our Office Hours to explore election data and show us how to visualize the US Budget. 

And we got ready for a stellar weekend at DataDive NYC!

What an amazing few weeks it's been. As we wind down for the holidays, we just wanted to take a moment and say how grateful we are to working alongside all of you to bring about a data-driven society!  

Thanks y'all!