Welcome to Our New Home!

July 15, 2011

Hello again, everybody!

It's been a little while since our last update but we've been hard at work getting the foundations laid, putting together plans for our kickoff event, and talking to lots of really amazing and engaged people. Here's what we've been up to lately:

We Have A New Home! - Instead of having to check my blog all the time, you can now find all Data Without Borders news and updates right here at http://datakind.org. Right now the site is serving as a hub for updates, ways to contact us, and any breaking news, but we'll be building it out as the organization grows to include more detailed ways to get involved. For now, point your browsers there to stay in the loop as we get things rolling. (A very special thanks to Irene Ros and Bitsy Hansen for their help in getting this off the ground!)

Involvement - A huge thank you to everyone we've spoken with who has been excited to help out with the organization, enthusiastic to get non-profits involved, or inspired to donate their data skills to the cause. We've been busily speaking with non-profit data wizards, socially conscious techies, and management gurus to make sure this is going to be a successful effort and we wouldn't be a fraction as far along as we are without the help of these amazingly generous people. The energy from the people involved, including all 1000+ (!) of you on this e-mail list, has inspired us and really propelled us in getting this going.

If you're a non-profit who reached out for help or a data scientist who wanted to pitch in, hang in there! We're focusing on getting our kickoff event off the ground, which will highlight a few targeted projects, but we want to support you and get you all involved, so just bear with us until we've got some more firepower behind us. In the meantime, you'll find links to related non-profit data / tech projects under the Sites We Like bar to your right, so you might try to see if they've got some ideas.

So a thanks again to everyone for believing in this project. We're busy behind the scenes getting things organized so keep your eyes pasted here at http://datakind.org, follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or stay in the loop with our e-mail list. Updates coming soon!