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Introducing DataKind DC!

August 27, 2014

So it's official. The news is out. Washington DC is one of five cities selected to start new DataKind Chapters. Hooray!

For those who may not yet know DataKind, our mission is to tackle humanity's biggest problems through data science. We bring together high-impact organizations dedicated to solving the world’s biggest challenges with leading data scientists to improve the quality of, access to and understanding of data in the social sector. 

Easy right? Well, it can be when we work with some of the top talent in data science and the world's most incredible organizations. Enter the Washington, DC metropolitan area and our beltway buddies, Maryland and Virginia, with collectively perhaps the nation's highest density of nonprofits and statisticians per capita!

DC is no stranger to DataKind, having hosted two DataDives over the past two years. DC also pioneered the first DataKind DataCorps project with DC Action for Children, creating a powerful interactive mapping visualization for local policymakers to understand the well-being of DC kids at the neighborhood level. We heart DC and think it's the perfect place for DataKind to grow. Here's why.

Who are we three? We're just the beginning, the first wave. We're helping set up shop here in DC to kickstart the convening of data scientists and mission-driven organizations to build the data-for-good movement locally.

  • Max Richman is the most technically adept of our trifecta. He is a polyglot coder, accomplished survey whiz, and total GIS ninja. APIs tremble before his majesty. Moreover, he has led data projects with success in both work and volunteer environments. His familiarity with a breadth of languages, software, implementations, and analytical methods, enables Max to speak fluently and credibly to the data science community.
  • Jason Burwen has a range of prior experiences in the nonprofit and service sectors. He has co-founded a disaster relief organization and founded and helmed the board of an arts nonprofit. He has also worked for and with service-oriented NGOs ranging from rural development in Ghana to community organizing in Kansas City to supporting gay and lesbian asylum seekers in the US. Combined with his prior private sector consulting experience, Jason knows how to speak the language of service-oriented organizations, understand their hopes and fears, and work with them in a professional, client-oriented manner.
  • Minhchau “MC” Dinh knows all about being the social glue to bring groups together. Whether organizing teams of students or putting on large events, she knows not only how to recruit and motivate participants, she's an expert at herding cats and taking care of the details! MC is used to being the conduit of communications between groups, forming fast, supportive relationships. This will make her a natural at bringing together volunteers and building community!

Data Ninja. NGO Whisperer. Volunteer Magnet. We believe that when we bring this triumvirate together, we will create a DC Chapter that can speak equally well to the nonprofit and data science communities and facilitate the collaborations between the two.

If you're still reading this far down, you definitely want to get involved, right? We'll be having our first events shortly, so be sure to sign up below, check out our Meetup page and follow @DataKindDC to stay in the loop!

Join DataKind DC!