Hello Informatica World!

May 12, 2015

This week we're thrilled for our fearless leader Jake Porway to be speaking at Informatica World about how data scientists can use their skills to give back.

As many of you know, DataKind is a nonprofit that harnesses the power of data science in the service of humanity by bringing together teams of data science and social sector experts on collaborative projects designed to address tough humanitarian challenges.

Collaborative is the key word there as we depend on strong partners to be able to do our work whether it's a small child poverty advocacy organization in DC or a large corporation like Informatica. In fact, Informatica officially joined the DataKind family as a sponsor last November to support our efforts and help grow the Data-for-Good movement around the world.

If you attended Informatica World and are wondering how you can use your data skills to make a difference, check out our monthly roundup of upcoming volunteer opportunities and sign up to get involved with us!

We also encourage you to join a DataKind Chapter near you to stay informed about upcoming local events

Not located in one of these areas? 

Not a problem. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we announce virtual volunteer opportunities that come up and when we’re going to be on the road, perhaps speaking at yet another conference near you! 

Lastly, THANK YOU.

You're part of this collaborative equation too! We can’t do our work without talented professionals like you committed to donating your skills to give back. We look forward to harnessing the power of data science in the service of humanity together. 

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