Harnessing the Power of Data with Pivotal

October 17, 2013

We’re excited to launch a new partnership with Pivotal to bring some of industry’s top data analytics talent to address some of society’s greatest challenges.  Many high impact social organizations have huge troves of data but lack the resources to analyze them; through Pivotal and DataKind’s new data philanthropy initiatives, expert data scientists from Pivotal can volunteer their unique skills to solving these problems and engage data scientists around the world to give back.  

The new partnership is part of our effort to support the Obama Administration’s initiative to harness the power of data to fight poverty, promote economic development, improve healthcare access, and protect our environment. Our DataCorps teams pair talented data scientists, often already employed by top companies, with the non-profits and socially-minded organizations that stand the most to gain from a data-driven approach to achieve their goals.

By pairing talented data scientists with NGO partners, we've already helped groups as large as the World Bank gain a more actionable understanding of poverty and hunger in Kenya, and focused as DC Action for Children, better understand child poverty in our nation's capital. Our work with DC Action for Children helped them to earn a nomination in the 2013 Data Journalism Awards alongside organizations like Thomson Reuters and The Guardian.  Working with Pivotal will give us access to the top-tier data science talent we need to keep carrying out successful projects.  

This fall, DataKind will be working on four new DataCorps projects to help noteworthy organizations: Medic Mobile, GiveDirectly, THORN, The Mission Continues make meaningful strides with their data and their missions to improve healthcare access, fight global poverty, protect children, and support veterans.

You can read more about DataKind's projects here, and more about how we’re working with Pivotal here.