Project Partners at the November DataDive
October 25, 2013

So you've got your ticket for the DataDive, and are brushing up on your data ninja skills. Here are our four amazing partners you'll have the opportunity to work with!


Amnesty International: Text Analysis of Humanitarian Emergencies

Amnesty International is revolutionizing its Urgent Action Alert process to leverage modern data science techniques.  Updated data analytics could save millions from human rights violations through means including: anticipating hot spots, rapidly connecting rights champions with information, uncovering patterns of violations to prevent future catastrophes.


UN: Data Diving the World's Development Priorities

The ambitious UN MyWorld Survey looks to citizens, rather than policy makers, to set the development priorities of the next 15 years.  The survey has just celebrated over 1 million responses and the data is updated nightly and available in all its glory here:
Over 1.2 million people have chosen their priorities for a better world in the MY World survey. Two commonly chosen options are ‘an honest and responsive government’ and ‘protection against crime and violence’. Using additional datasets can we say anything more about why these options are being picked in different countries?


Mayor's Office of Data Analytics

MODA, tasked with analyzing and aggregating data across the entire city, needs to convert geocodes to BIN and BBL in order to generate analyses that can get at the heart of real change.  Citizen reports -- including noise complaints, crime reports, trash citings, building safety, etc. -- use addresses, aka geocodes, to identify location. Nearly every MODA analysis starts with the conversion from geocode to BIN and BBL, and the process could use a revamp.  By helping to conquer three core barriers,  volunteers can make an impact on every single city-wide analysis conducted by MODA and NYC. 


Crisis Text Line: Helping Teens in Crisis

Crisis Text Line helps teens in crisis by providing access to a trained professional counselor via the medium they are most comfortable with: texts.  The Crisis Text Line has anonymized metadata on over 3000 conversations. 
At the Dive, we'll be working with the data to detect patterns on what behaviors by counselors and callers add up to the most successful outcome -- an averted crisis.

Other items of note for the weekend

  • Unlike a hackathon, the goal is not (necessarily) to create an app.  Instead it is to work with teams of experts to understand a truly difficult problem through data.  You could end up with a visualization, an analysis, some graphs, or even just some new datasets by the end of the event, and all of those are fantastic results!
  • There is a Github repository setup to use for sharing code, data, and analyses during the event. This will be our primary resource for capturing everything developed at the DataDive, so please use it for sharing and collaboration.
  • We do not assign you to a problem.  We want you to work with the problem and data you feel most passionate about, so come Friday with an open mind and be ready to learn.
  • You do not have to stay the entire weekend to participate in the event.  We hope that you will find a project you can dig into, but you are always welcome to come and go as you please.
  • You do not have to work on the same project for the whole weekend.  Again, we hope that you will find a project to work on to completion, but if at any point you feel like you want to change simply let the ambassador from those teams know.
  • We do not provide any hardware or software for you to use.  We'll have the data and some services set up (wiki, DropBox, Github), but otherwise you should bring your own laptop and come ready to use whatever data tools you like.

 Can't wait to see you all there!


Special thanks to our sponsors:

New Work City
Knight Foundation 

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