Financial Inclusion to Strengthen Communities Worldwide
April 14, 2016

As part of National Volunteer Week this month, we are profiling our DataCorps volunteers of projects past, present and future. These volunteers donate a whopping 5-10 hours a week over the course of several months to apply data science techniques that can help advance a social change organization's mission.

"Working with the team is really exciting for us not only for the project work itself, but also because they're helping us increase our own organizational understanding of these concepts. In particular, we are very pleased that the team is not only focusing on the statistical validity of the project, but also has a very practical mindset about its implementation within our organization. We think they're setting a strong foundation for Microcred to become a real "data-oriented" company. Last but not least, it's really a pleasure to work with people so committed to and enthusiastic about a project that's so important to us. Thank you, Raluca, John, Masha, James!"

-Giorgio Rivero, Data Scientist, Microcred

Microcred works to make financial services available to the individuals that are underserved or unserved by the traditional financial sector, particularly the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. In a project sponsored by IBM, their DataCorps team aims to use predictive modeling to improve their customer scoring so that they create services more accessible and adapted to the needs of people underserved and unserved by the financial sector. Making their customer scoring more efficient means Microcred will ultimately be able to serve even more individuals and small businesses, strengthening financial inclusion in countries worldwide.

What inspires this team to give back?

"Growing up in Romania after the fall of communism through very difficult times inspired in me a strong desire to understand the roots of poverty and lack of opportunity. I want to put to use all the knowledge and experience I've acquired for the service of all organizations who are trying to help people escape poverty and create opportunity for everyone to live the lives they dream of. Datakind provides this opportunity me to do that and I am thrilled to be able to be a DataCorps volunteer."

Raluca Dragusanu
Raluca is a data scientist and economist who is passionate about using data to answer questions and tell stories about people and companies around the world. She has a PhD in business economics from Harvard where she specialized in economic development and international trade. Meet Raluca >

"It is a chance to work with world-class data scientists and social entrepreneurs to increase the impact of microlending."

John Murray
John is CEO of Current Capital Management in Princeton, NJ. Meet John >

“I've wanted to work with DataKind for two years, ever since seeing the founder, Jake Porway, speak at a conference in NYC. The opportunity to learn about and work on complex, human-centric problems, to help improve the lives of underserved groups, and to work with a multi-skilled and principled team, held massive appeal. The experience has been excellent--not least because of the great working relationship with our partners at Microcred.”

James Beveridge
James is Digital Advertising Product Analyst at Dun and Bradstreet. Meet James >


"I love the idea of using my skills in data analysis for a cause that I really believe in."

Masha Westerlund
Masha is a Data Scientist at Meet Masha >

Thank you, IBM!

IBM has been a long-time DataKind supporter and we are so grateful for their deepening support as they sponsor this DataCorps project. Learn more about their commitment to DataKind > 

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