Duncan Ross and Fran Bennett Teach You To Use Data for EVIL

January 21, 2013

Duncan Fran

Our fantastic UK friends and co-conspirators Duncan Ross and Fran Bennett are giving a stellar talk at O'Reilly's Online Conference on Data Warfare. The talk will show the ways that you can wreak havoc on the world with data in even the most unintentional ways, in the hopes that we can all sidestep the slippery slope into evil warlord-hood.

Fran and Duncan, aside from being fantastically engaging speakers and whipsmart data scientists, have been covertly acting as our DataKind UK liaisons and we're very excited to have them speaking at this conference on behalf of DataKind. We'll be sharing more about their exploits overseas in the coming months so, until then, go get to know them by signing up for the webinar here!

Don't be evil...