1. DataKind HQ

    Finding DataKind's Director of Programs

    November 25 2014

    Learn more about DataKind's Director of Programs role in this interview with Jake Porway, DataKind's Executive Director, and Q Ethan McCallum, our interim Director of Programs. A little Q&A with Q&J!

  2. DataKind HQ

    DataKind Takes Manhattan!

    November 17 2014

    DataKind is moving to Manhattan as partners of Civic Hall!

  3. Learn how Crisis Text Line and Pivotal for Good are working together on a DataCorps project to more quickly route teens in crisis to timely support.

  4. We are so thankful for Cloudera and Informatica's sponsorship of DataKind. Welcome to the DataKind family!

  5. DataKind UK

    DataKind UK: A DataDive full of firsts

    November 05 2014

    From charities sharing their data to volunteers reusing code from a previous DataKind project, this was truly a groundbreaking weekend of data-for-good!