1. Meetup Recap: Untangling Ethical Questions in Data Science

    July 25 2014

    If you think a panel discussion on the ethics of data science is going to get sticky, going to get tricky and make people sweat, you would be right. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. Ok - actually everyone was really polite and sweating was minimal, but still – we had a great discussion!

  2. Dispatch From the Frontlines of Data: DataKind goes to Eyeo

    July 02 2014

    Wait - you weren't at the Eyeo Festival this year?  Come, live vicariously through our very own Peter Darche as he highlights some of the coolest things coming out of that beautiful intersection of data, art & technology.

  3. DC Action for Children: Long-Term Collaboration for Long-Term Impact

    June 24 2014

    In a city with one of the highest child poverty rates in the country, DC Action for Children provides data-based analysis and policy leadership on critical issues facing DC children and youth. Attending one of our early DataDives, they then went on to become our first DataCorps project to launch.  They've just recently completed their second DataCorps project, DC KIDS COUNT Data Tools 2.0.

  4. DataKind UK: What a weekend!

    June 17 2014

    Find out what happened when we put 100 data scientsists and 4 charities in a room together for a weekend DataDive. The results were spectacular...

  5. DataKind UK DataDive: A Volunteer's-Eye View

    June 09 2014

    Self-proclaimed "data wizard" and DataKind UK volunteer, Caitlin McDonald, shares her thoughts on the London DataDive and why DataKind UK is a great group to volunteer with.  Check out DataKind UK to get involved!