Our story

We are living inside a data revolution that is transforming the way we understand and interact with each other and the world - and it has only just begun. Every field is now having its “data moment,” giving mission-driven organizations brand new opportunities to harness data to advance their work. From poverty alleviation to healthcare access to improved education, data science has the potential to move the needle on seemingly insurmountable issues, but only if there is close collaboration between data science and social sector experts.

That's where you come in!

Our vision

"We are meticulously focused on bringing data science in all its forms to those who share our vision of a sustainable planet in which we all have access to our basic human needs. We envision a world where organizations tackling those problems have the same access to data science resources that Wall St. and Silicon Valley have."

Jake Porway, DataKind Founder and Former Executive Director

Our values

We are nothing without each other. We connect communities, and it is our mutual respect for one another that keeps us moving forward.

Sensitive and Thoughtful

We are constantly sensitive to the fact that we are not just dealing with numbers, but that we are dealing with peoples’ lives.

Approachable and Fun

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a data scientist, or just someone interested in learning more, we welcome you to the DataKind community and make sure you have a great experience with us.

Transparent and Open

We are completely transparent in what we do, how we create our work, how we approach problems, and how we think about the world.

Committed to Excellence

People rely on our abilities and those of our volunteers, so we only accept the best and the brightest into DataKind’s staff and top ranks. We strive to continuously learn and improve.

Committed to Diversity

We welcome diverse viewpoints, diverse skillsets, diverse backgrounds, diverse lifestyles, and seek variety and richness in our community.

Our reach

Launched in 2012, we are headquartered in New York City and have Chapters in the UK, Bengaluru, San Francisco, Singapore and Washington DC. Through our programs and, thanks to our robust community of volunteers, partner organizations and supporters, DataKind has completed a wide variety of projects that leverage data science for the greater good. From helping Amnesty International develop an algorithm to predict human rights violations to using mobile data to help Grameen Foundation assess the impact of its programs, we have worked with organizations large and small around the world.

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