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DataKind San Francisco-Bay Area (DataKind SF) launched in August 2014 with the vision of creating examples of successful efforts that bring tech and public good sectors together. In a region well known for attracting top tech talent from around the globe and for its incredible community of data scientists and data enthusiasts, DataKind SF hopes to tap into this community’s desire to have a greater impact both locally and globally. Although the universities, community and culture of the Bay Area have always fostered nonprofits striving for positive change, costs are rising rapidly. Through DataKind, they hope to execute data projects that are often out of reach for organizations that could most greatly benefit from them. With a growing group of core volunteers, DataKind SF is inspired by the opportunity to transform how nonprofits operate by using data more effectively.

Meet the Team

  • Wade Fuller

    Wade is a data analyst focused on generating data insights and building models for organizations. With a background in information systems, he focuses on applying various data methods to solve human problems. He has a passion for advancing education and improving the lives of those impacted by homelessness. Wade is excited to work with DataKind because he believes that data can be harnessed in a meaningful way to maximize social impact and positively change our world. He is a born and bred New Englander, but now lives in San Francisco where he studies yoga, blends of tea and fantasy football.

  • Abhishek Kapatkar

    Abhishek is an engineer with a background in computer science and product development. Currently, he is helping Netflix build its new data science and machine learning infrastructure. He cares deeply about promoting equality, diversity and social justice. Abhishek joined DataKind because he believes greatly in the potential to harness the power of data science in service of humanity. Outside of work, he enjoys running, traveling, noshing on street food and training for endurance cycling events.

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