Used to breaking down boundaries and collaborating across borders, DataKind Singapore (DataKind SG) launched in August 2014 with a vision of bringing together data scientists and nonprofits to tackle challenges in Singapore and beyond! Singapore is one of the world's top five international financial centers, and already a regional and international hub for data, analytics and insurance with fast growing tech and startup sectors. While Singapore is a wealthy nation, many countries in the region are still developing, which means there is a robust nonprofit sector working to provide support. As many data professionals in Singapore are originally from nearby countries, there's an opportunity and motivation to see how data science can help support causes in Singapore and the region at large.
Our Team
Wee Beng Lee
Wee Beng works with a Singapore commercial bank as a risk manager, where he looks at optimising the portfolio’s risk adjusted return. Wee Beng’s background is in engineering. In his younger days, he volunteered at the Institute of Mental Health and with the Interact Club. Outside of work, he enjoys watching football and regular games of tennis.
Ratri Maria
A diversity and creative catalyst that connects the dots, Ratri Maria thrives on asking the uncomfortable ‘why's - and that's why she started Changemakr Asia, a digital platform that aims to empower social businesses and accelerate positive changes in Asia. Ratri is also an ethical AI / Machine Learning enthusiast and proud Anthropologist. When she’s not binge-watching shows on Netflix, you can find her cycling through the beaten tracks and unexplored terrains around Singapore.
Sosha Mathew
Sosha works as a product manager for payments and identity verification fintech startups in emerging markets and has been living in South East Asia for the past 7 years. Sosha previously worked at a social entrepreneurship accelerator where she connected pro-bono volunteers with social entrepreneurs - this is where she saw how access to technical skills can be critical for nonprofits to execute and drive impact. Sosha was also previously involved with The Data Center in New Orleans that analyzed and published findings on critical policy issues for local government. Sosha's background is in political science and economics. Outside of work, she enjoys running, painting, and traveling.
Jeremy Osborn
Not a Data Scientist! Not a Developer! But with 25 years of IT experience managing Database Teams, BI Teams, GIS Teams, and Information Teams, Jeremy knows a thing or two about how these areas of expertise work and make organizations tick. Having worked in engineering, the financial sector in London and the public sector at The Science Museum in London, and more recently with local councils, he knows how IT and data work in a lot of sectors.
Srinath Sridharan
Srinath is a Data Science Manager at a management consulting firm in Singapore. He previously worked for a couple of tertiary hospitals in Singapore as an in-house data scientist. He has over nine years of experience in data science across research and healthcare settings. Srinath's background is in chemical engineering and he has a Ph.D. in computational biology. His interests lie in teaching, mentoring, and applying data science to solve problems across industries. Outside of work, he enjoys reading books, playing badminton, and recently blogging.
Eric Tan
Eric has an applied mathematics background and is a software engineer by training. He’s obsessed with value-adding using data and experienced with end-to-end data productionization. Eric has worked in both the private and public sector before, and covered different areas in data engineering, data science and analytics, and deep learning (CV and NLP). MLOps is the new “in”. He enjoys having a good cup of coffee, watching Netflix, and tinkering with gadgets to make his home “smarter”. Outside of his cave, he likes rock-climbing and is now into longboarding
June 26, 2018
Protecting Singapore’s Endangered Banded Leaf Monkey

Guest post by DataKind Singapore

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June 07, 2018
DataDiving with DataKind Singapore

DataKind Singapore hosted another DataDive this April, gathering around 70 volunteers for a weekend of analyzing data to help three phenomenal organizations advance their missions. Learn more about the work achieved in support of the Community Justice Centre, Law Society Pro Bono Services and Effective Altruism.

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October 09, 2017
DataKind Singapore's DataDive on Philanthropic Giving and Volunteerism

Hot on the heels of our April DataDive, DataKind Singapore hosted its third DataDive in late August for National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). We were a cozy group of around 30 volunteers who worked together to help NVPC gather actionable insights for its platform.

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June 14, 2017
DataDiving with DataKind Singapore - June 2017

DataKind Singapore hosted its second DataDive this past April, gathering more than 70 volunteers for a weekend of analyzing data to help three phenomenal organizations advance their missions. Learn more about the work achieved in support of the Singapore Children’s Society, Singapore Red Cross, and O’Joy Care Services.

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