About Us

This is, without hyperbole, a historic time for humanity. Mobile phones, sensors, and new software have created an abundance of data that can be mined, understood, and harnessed to gain new insights about our world and transform almost every sector. The same algorithms and techniques that companies use to boost profits can be leveraged by mission-driven organizations to improve the world, from battling hunger to advocating for child well-being and more. However, most social change organizations don’t have the budget or staff to take full advantage of this data revolution and most data scientists don't realize just how valuable their skills can be.

Our Story

...use data to not only make better decisions about what kind of movie we want to see, but what kind of world we want to see..

What We Do

A revolution like this is about more than harnessing data - it’s about bringing together amazing people. In fact, our work depends on it. We bring together top data scientists with leading social change organizations to collaborate on cutting-edge analytics and advanced algorithms to maximize social impact. Our programs build upon one another and are designed to meet organizations where they are. From evening or weekend events to multi-month projects, all are designed to provide social organizations with the pro bono data science innovation team they need to tackle critical humanitarian issues in the fields of education, poverty, health, human rights, the environment and cities.


Long-term engagements that help organizations use data science to transform their work and their sector.

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Weekend-long, marathon-style events that help organizations do initial data analysis, exploration, and prototyping.

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Community Events

Networking and quick consultation to help organizations begin their data science journey.

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Our Team

Everything we do is driven by our ever-growing community of passionate data scientists, visionary partners and mission-driven organizations. Their talent, commitment and energy to use data science in the service of humanity is what inspires us to come to work everyday.


You can find DataKinders around the world! Our Chapters serve as community hubs for data scientists and social organizations around the world that are dedicated to doing good with data.