DataKind is turning 10 years old! This year, we’re honored to celebrate the Power of a Decade of leading the Data Science and AI for Good movement.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen how technology has led to the creation of new digital data, gaining new insights about our world and transforming almost every sector. The same algorithms and predictive technologies that companies use to boost profits can be thoughtfully leveraged by the social sector to improve the world.

However, a decade later, most mission-driven organizations lack the resources to take full advantage of the data revolution. Now, we look back on 10 years of movement building, 10 years of successful partnerships, 10 years of impactful projects, and more. We’re excited to shape the next 10 years of harnessing the power of data science and AI in the service of humanity with you!

,000 +
A Decade of
Leading Data for Good

When we were founded in 2012, few could imagine how transformative data science, machine learning, and AI would become. We’ve pioneered the Data Science and AI for Good movement, a movement that’s now being adopted by major foundations and corporations around the world. We’ve mobilized an international community of 20,000+ skilled technologists through our Chapter network in Bengaluru, San Francisco, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Washington, DC. This collective force successfully completed 350+ projects and delivered more than $35 million in pro bono services.

A Decade of
Lasting Partnerships

We co-created projects with our local partners and in the service of underserved, marginalized, and vulnerable communities. Our projects have accelerated missions and transformed thousands and thousands of lives through the organizations we’ve served. The achievements of the past 10 years wouldn’t be possible without our past and present team members, volunteers, project partners, and funders. We’re grateful for their time, talents, and treasure to building DataKind’s global community and expanding our work around the world. Partnering with DataKind is supporting a new era of building a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient future.

A Decade of
of Global Impact

We’ve helped organizations not just understand if data science works, but how it can be used in the service of humanity. However, too many mission-driven organizations still can’t get access to the funding, talent, skills, or training to utilize data science and AI to benefit the important work they do. For this reason, we’ve evolved our long-term projects and strategically identified key thematic areas to make exponential impact, further positioning DataKind to meet the needs of multiple organizations within a sector. While we’ve selected Frontline Health Systems and Economic Resilience as our first set of key areas, we’ll continue to serve partners in all social issue areas.

10 Year Anniversary Events
10 Year Anniversary Celebration
September 16, 8-11am EST

Join us as we celebrate DataKind’s 10 Year Anniversary and the Power of a Decade (#DKx10). With remarkable progress in advancing the use of data science in our first ten years, we turn to the future to examine the opportunities, challenges, and impact that data science and AI can have in the service of humanity.

Aligned with the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, we’re bringing together a select group of thought leaders, practitioners, DataKind volunteers, and donors to advance the use of data science and AI in solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

Hear global leaders share where data science and AI can have an outsized impact to accelerate progress. Together, we’ll discuss how we can—and are—collectively advancing the application of advanced technologies to benefit communities around the world. And we’ll celebrate a decade of the Data for Good movement that has, and will continue, to advance new approaches and solutions for all of us.

Bringing together partners, donors, and thought leaders, we’ll reflect on DataKind’s first decade using data science and AI to advance the global social sector, as well as explore what the future can bring.

Highlights include compelling keynotes; a panel of experts; reflections from our Co-Founder + Executive Director Emeritus, Jake Porway; and exciting developments as DataKind broadens its work with nonprofits, tech partners, data science leaders, and forward-looking funders.

It’ll be an extraordinary event filled with celebration, reflection, and future visioning. Join us and reserve your virtual ticket now. We’re looking forward to harnessing the power of data science and AI in the service of humanity together.

Global Volunteer Summit
September 16, 12-4:30pm EST

Our global volunteer community comes together to collaborate professionally, celebrate their work, and build community.

Fireside Chat with Lauren Woodman, CEO

Lauren Woodman, DataKind CEO, chats with a special guest about DataKind's future focus and how the Data for Good movement can increase impact together.

DataDive® Event

We cap our 10 Year Anniversary celebration with DataKind's signature DataDive event—a high energy, marathon-style event where mission-driven organizations work alongside our volunteer teams to gain insight into their programs, the communities they serve, and more.

people suffer from hunger and undernourishment
people do not have access to electricity
people live in extreme poverty on $1.90 or less a day
With your support, we can make an impact in more communities—from Michigan to Florida, from Haiti to Uganda, and across the globe—ensuring more college students graduate, expediting medical treatments to those in need, predicting housing loss across the Sun Belt, advancing COVID-19 vaccines, and so much more.
In an age of multiple crises and undeniable inequities, the world needs DataKind now more than ever. We’re looking to partner with individuals, companies, and foundations that share our vision of a world where all those who fight on the frontlines of social change can use data science and AI to accelerate the pace of their impact. Help us bridge the gap between those who have data science and AI resources and those who desperately need them.