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Want to see how leveraging data could revolutionize your organization’s work? Companies use statistical modeling and advanced algorithms to boost profits all the time, and now social change organizations have the opportunity to do the same to boost their impact. Whether you are new to data science or are looking to refine your approach, we can help you use data to answer questions about your programs or the communities you serve, help you cut costs and improve efficiency, or predict future needs and better allocate resources. Apply to work with us and see how data science can help further your mission!

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Community Lattice

"I'm so proud of the work we did with DataKind and their incredible volunteers. Our work stands out as one of the only research projects I’ve seen that wrestles with highly technical issues to find real world solutions grounded in public policy, economic forces, and community needs at a granular and actionable level. This is certainly not a one-off project. It is now my commitment to continue this great work and drive some serious impact."

— Danielle Getsinger, PG, MBA, Cofounder and CEO


"This project was timely and relevant—building confidence in the data we generate is critical for every single Medic Mobile deployment...It’s also incredible to witness how the DataKind and Medic teams worked alongside some very talented volunteers on this project—this is exactly the kind of collaboration that we hope for open source communities to enable.”

— Isaac Holeman, Co-founder

Earth Hour

"As the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, Earth Hour is about people and their potential to change climate change. The insights we gained from the DataDive highlight the greater impact we can have by becoming a data-driven organization and ensuring we effectively engage our millions of supporters worldwide to make a lasting difference."

— Sid Das, Executive Director


"This is the best experience I have ever had working with a group of expert volunteers. Our team’s clarity of purpose and diversity of expertise is exactly what we needed to uncover the hidden gems in our data to better serve our students."

— Kate Schrauth, Executive Director

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Do you want to use cutting edge data techniques to maximize your impact? We work with organizations that:

  • Are mission-driven - nonprofit, charity, social enterprise, foundation or government agency
  • Have a clear Theory of Change and can link how their work leads to real-world impact
  • Have digital data, unexplored data or want help finding new data
  • Have leaders committed to using data to make decisions and learn hard truths, not just to report on past work

If that sounds like you, we'd love to talk!