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This application is for any mission-driven organization interested in working with DataKind, whether through our DataCorps, DataDive or Project Accelerator programs. Please tell us as much as you can about your needs so we can understand how to best work with you!

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This could be at a high level, like wishing you understood your constituents' needs better, or low level, like struggling with filling out tedious daily reports.

If you have a project in mind already, describe it here. If not, we look forward to helping you scope out data science projects that will help you!

Include both short-term and long-term ideas of success.


Every organization comes to DataKind with different amounts and types of data. Some organizations don't have any data yet and need our help acquiring it. Please fill out the questions below in as much detail as you can to help us understand your data. Also, the privacy of your data is incredibly important to DataKind. We take data privacy issues very seriously and we will work with you to ensure that we are all comfortable with the treatment of sensitive data. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us with any questions!

What does the data represent? Do you have the data already? If so, did your organization collect the data? How was it collected? If the data comes from external data sources, what are they and do you already have them available?

Either provide us with a URL above or e-mail us at datacorps@datakind.org. If you have any concerns or NDA requirements, please e-mail us. At this stage, please remove any personal identifiers from the data including last names and street addresses.

It is extremely helpful if you can answer any of the questions below:

  • what tables of data do you have? (e.g. a table for all the applications to our program)
  • what does each row of data represent (e.g. an individual, a state, a survey response)
  • what are the fields/columns in the table? (e.g. location, time, a paragraph on feedback)
  • what is the size of the data - for example, how many rows? how many months or years of data? how many countries?
  • format (e.g. Excel, PDF, csv)
Organizational Commitment

We see DataKind as a bridge between the non-profit and data communities. In addition to addressing your specific data needs, we want to share the importance of data with the broader non-profit community and create a commitment to thinking of data as a critical resource in everyone's mission. If there are other members of your organization or other organizations who could be part of this conversation, from field staff to CTOs, please list them below.