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DataKind Dublin (DataKind DUB) launched in August 2014, ready to harness the pool of local data professionals and assist organisations working to improve people's lives. Ireland has a rich heritage of NGO work overseas and is home to the European headquarters of some of the world's biggest technology companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Eager to see big data techniques put to work solving difficult societal issues, the Chapter's ultimate goal is to help charities and institutions understand the power and impact data science can have on their ability to deliver their mission more effectively. With close ties to organisations like the Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Data Ireland, and Code for All Ireland, DataKind DUB is ready to collaborate with both companies and charities to share ideas and projects, paving the way for the growing local data-for-good movement. 


Meet the Team

  • Tim Carnus

    Tim believes that with an ever growing mountain of data to call on, problems faced by NGOs and charities can be solved by tapping into the the skilled data scientist about the streets of Dublin. Tim is currently a data analyst in the telco industry with previous experience in the renewable energy and agri-environmental sectors. He completed a PhD in Statistics and Ecology at University College Dublin and has spent a lot of time thinking about how species interact with each other and their environment. The outdoors is where Tim is most at home, on a mountain bike, skis (even in Ireland!) or simply out with his collies. He has a wager with Conor that country bees are tougher than city bees, but they have yet to agree on how to go about settling it!

  • Sam Whelan-Curtin

    Sam is the odd one out of the Dublin team as he doesn't come from a data science background, but rather has spent the past eight years working to improve the way that social benefit organizations talk about impact and the work they do. With this as the driving force behind his work, he was thrilled to join DataKind Dublin and is excited to see the transformation that an improved approach to data can bring to Ireland's social sector. Having worked in communications management roles with NGOs, Sam now runs a practice as a communications consultant and video producer focused on helping social organizations tell their stories of impact and increase their influence.

  • Jonny Collins

    Jonny is hugely passionate about making better use of the data available today to improve the lives of people, both in Ireland and around the world. He's been doing data science since before it was called that, studying computational physics in Dublin before going on to earn his PhD in computational particle physics at Durham University in the UK. Jonny spent the last six years working across retail, aviation and the public sector helping companies and governments maximize the value of their data. He’s currently the chief data scientist at a tech company in Dublin and when he's not talking about data or working with data - he's probably thinking about data!

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