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Located in the "Silicon Valley of India," DataKind Bangalore (DataKind BLR) launched in August 2014 to ensure the city is equally known for its leadership in the data-for-good movement.  Bangalore is home to a large number of data professionals working at global technology firms, tech start-ups and research labs. There is also a robust local network of nonprofits working in areas ranging from rural development, literacy and health care to urban renewal and employment. Many of these organizations already have data professionals on staff and interest in using technology and data to further their work. Datakind BLR is in an ideal position to bring these groups together to not only make a local impact but serve as a shining example of data-for-good in India.

Meet the Team

  • Gaurav Godhwani

    While working on his degree in computer science, Gaurav began learning about and exploring the power of data science. He also started working with several nonprofits focused on child welfare, dyslexia and inclusive education. After graduating, he worked as a programmer, doing data crunching on weekdays and volunteering for several nonprofits on the weekends. Both of his passions converged deeply when he first read about DataKind. The whole approach of doing data science for social good was so exciting that he started exploring data collected by local nonprofits and helped them clean, model and analyse it. He is determined to apply the same vigour and spirit of discovery into DataKind BLR, building a strong data-for-good community.

  • Vinod Chandrashekar

    As a technology entrepreneur, Vinod heads, popularly known in India as - where he aims to make workplaces a little more open, transparent & happier. They address issues ranging from gender pay equity and how to navigate one’s career.  He also heads, which aims to leverage the smartphone movement in India to help save lives during road accidents. In his freetime, Vinod enjoys meeting people in the startup world and discussing ideas that are just as romantic about India and technology as he is.

  • Devangana Khokhar

    Data junkie, explorer, conversationalist and passionista - this is the ensemble that describes Devangana. Having come from Air Force background, Devangana has lived in 6 cities and travelled over 30 cities and these extensive travels have taught her one very important lesson of life - the entire country is held together with a strong bond of love, and unfortunately, a myriad of social problems. Her burning sense of responsibility towards the world combined with profound love for data science brought her to DataKind. She believes that a strong, driven community has a great potential for bringing about positive change in the world.

  • Deepthi Chand

    Deepthi Chand aka DC started his journey with DataKind Bangalore in mid 2015 as a Data Expert volunteer, using his Python and SCRUM skills to help our nonprofit partners. He soon became our go-to-guy for anything related to Agile project management and became an objective voice in our core team. He is helping with Chapter administration, engaging local volunteers. When he's not figuring out how we can do more data do-goodery across the DataKind network, DC works at Sahaj as solution consultant. Contact him if you want to hear about the latest data and AI podcasts or explore spicy dishes in Andhra cuisine.

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