It’s 2022, and DataKind is turning 10! This year, we’re honored to celebrate the Power of a Decade of leading the Data Science and AI for Good movement!

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DataCorps® Projects

DataCorps® Projects


DataCorps projects bring together teams of pro bono data scientists with social change organizations on long-term projects that use data science to transform their work and their sector. We help organizations define their needs and discover what’s possible, then match them with a team that can translate those needs into data science problems and solve them with advanced analytics. In some cases, organizations pay a modest management fee based on their budget to demonstrate their commitment to the project.

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DataCorps teams are made up of some of the top data scientists and project managers in the sector and are led by a Data Ambassador and Project Manager. Each DataCorps project is staffed with a different mix of skillsets depending on the project type. Meet our volunteers!

1 Project Manager

1 Data Ambassador

2 Data Experts

Any mission-driven organization can apply to work with a DataCorps team, which includes nonprofits, social enterprises, and government agencies. They designate a partner representative as point person for the DataCorps team. Meet our partner organizations!

1 Partner Representative

1 Project Champion

2 Data Specialists


DataCorps projects are truly a journey, filled with twists and turns and data adventure galore. Projects are led by volunteer Data Ambassadors and Project Managers, while DataKind staffs and manages the projects from start to finish. To make sure no one gets lost along the way, all projects follow five phases of work:

Problem Exploration

DataKind explores what’s possible, then staffs an expert volunteer team to work with the organization to get the job done.

Data Discovery

The team wrangles the organization’s data and identifies external data sources to leverage.


The team co-creates solutions with the partner organization, while DataKind oversees their work.


Based on the organization’s feedback, the team makes adjustments to meet the organization’s ultimate needs.


The team delivers the final version of the product and documentation so the organization can increase its effectiveness.

What Gets Produced?

Whether it’s a report revealing findings or an automated algorithm identifying people in need, these projects are designed to produce data science solutions that lead to action and transform an organization’s work.

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