Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence is a cross-discipline team of expert volunteers and staff committed to creating an ecosystem of excellence across DataKind’s global programs. DataKind defines excellence as collaborative, inclusive, high quality, creative, data-based work to make a positive impact that is continuously evolving as we learn.

We aim to empower more people with the ability to apply data science, machine learning, and AI for good, ensuring “Data for Good” means “Data for All” while prioritizing equity and supporting local leaders with ethics as a top priority. The Center sets project quality standards, innovating and researching to ensure we produce excellent products across DataKind, supporting our volunteers and project partners, sharing best practices, and learning out loud.

In the Center of Excellence, we:

  • Experiment, research, test, and innovate on our work to continuously learn and improve
  • Facilitate learning for all through training and education on our resources and systems
  • Measure, track, monitor, and evaluate our work and impact
  • Support those implementing our resources and guides


All DataKind projects, products, and engagements are consistently of the highest quality data science for social good work.


All DataKind engagements are responsible, ethical, inclusive, and just throughout all stages of the project with transparent documentation.


DataKind teams feel equipped and supported to take on innovative projects that require the latest capabilities in AI and expand how data science is used in the service of humanity.


All DataKinders are trained regularly, learn transparently, document well, and regularly improve upon resources and systems.


All DataKind projects have demonstrated, quantifiable impact defined before and measured after project completion.


The Center of Excellence continuously measures our success in the other Excellence Pillars and makes decisions based on the results.


The Center of Excellence products and processes are designed in collaboration with and inclusive of the DataKind community.

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