Volunteer Spotlight: Sébastien Ouellet

Meet Sébastien! He’s a GIS specialist and his contributions to DataKind go way back. From developing the route optimization tool with SOIL in Haiti, which eventually was replicated with Sanergy in Kenya, to working on an early prototype of our Data Observation Toolkit, Sébastien has been a longtime DataKind volunteer…

DataKind Hosts First-Ever In-Person DataDive® Event in Nairobi

DataKind’s first-ever in-person DataDive® event in Nairobi kicked off with a meet and greet event, hosted by Microsoft at their Nairobi office. At the event, local data scientists and other members of the Nairobi tech community spoke about the projects, the impact of generative AI, and, of course, our upcoming DataDive event.

Volunteer Spotlight: Vijay Srikanth

Meet Vijay Srikanth! He has a master’s degree in data science and machine learning and works on “all things data”. He’s been a DataKind volunteer for a few years now, mainly on scoping projects and more recently working on our Data Observation Toolkit. Learn more about Vijay and his DataKind journey below!

Volunteer Spotlight: Danning Chen

Meet Danning Chen! She was a data scientist and product manager for years in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong, and now she’s taking a gap year off of work and traveling around the world (and meeting up with fellow DataKinders). She’s a member of our Scoping Squad and has been working with DataKind staff on …

Welcome John Harnisher, DataKind’s Head of Research

Let’s hear it for the newest member of the team. Join us in celebrating John Harnisher as DataKind’s Head of Research! John brings over 20 years of experience as a leader and researcher in the fields of data science, analytics, assessment, employee selection, and organizational development to DataKind…

GET Cities + DataKind Release Landmark Report on Equity in Tech

In partnership with DataKind, GET Cities launched Technologist Retention at the Intersections – a first of its kind report that focuses on issues of race, gender, and intersectionality with regard to retention and experience in the tech industry. The report, based on a survey of tech workers in the Chicago …

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