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DataKind Labs works with networks of nonprofit, foundation, corporate and government partners on year-long projects to develop cutting-edge solutions for society’s most pressing challenges. Solutions leverage novel datasets and data science techniques and are intended to be replicable by others after the project completes. Because DataKind Labs projects are designed to tackle more complex social issues, they are led by DataKind’s on-staff data scientists with pro bono data science experts brought on as support.


DataKind Labs convenes expert partners like nonprofits, government agencies and foundations to explore how data science can help address a given issue. DataKind then scopes and executes the project, engaging DataKind volunteers as needed for additional support.


Applying data science to social challenges takes more than finding the right data or the right technical approach, it takes bringing together the right people to co-create solutions. These long-term initiatives are selected in partnership with major stakeholders and vetted for their potential to create scalable solutions to benefit the entire social sector. Each project lasts between six and twelve months and involves months of preparation, project scoping, and detailed execution.

Problem Exploration

DataKind on-staff data scientists identify and convene a network of partners working on a given issue area. They scope the project question together and create a project plan.

Data Discovery

DataKind explores the partners’ available data as well as incorporates other data sources available through government, private companies, or other sources.


DataKind co-creates solutions with the network of partners and presents initial prototypes.


Based on the network’s feedback, DataKind makes adjustments to meet the sector-wide needs.


DataKind delivers the final version and documentation so that partners in the network can implement the solution and use it to amplify their impact.

Are you...

  • working on a large, sector-wide challenge, such as vaccine delivery or water conservation?
  • curious to see if large datasets that you’ve collected (e.g. data about your beneficiaries) or that others have collected (e.g. satellite imagery, mobile phone data) could be utilized for your mission?
  • known in your field for innovation, collaboration, rigor and impact?
  • interested in using data for more than just advocacy?
  • ready to learn from the data, no matter how hard the truths?
  • eager to partner with multiple stakeholders working to promote public health, the environment and thriving cities?

If so, then we'd love to talk to you!

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