DataKind’s philanthropic partners and supporters are vital to our success! Whether it’s a bespoke program to engage your employees and customers or a grant to support our most innovative work in the U.S. and across the globe, DataKind offers a diverse range of impact partnerships. Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities at
Financial support from companies, foundations, and individuals helps advance our goal to reach diverse communities, more local and international mission-driven organizations, and catalyze impact with innovative applications of tech-for-good solutions.
Event Sponsorship
Support our high-impact, fast-paced DataDive events, our Discovery Days for the inquisitive problem solvers, or our global Annual Summit. Engage your employees with networking, sharing, and learning experiences that provide meaningful ways to support a range of humanitarian causes.
Employer Matching
Maximize your impact! Many employers match their employees’ financial donations and volunteer hours to nonprofit organizations. Check with your employer about how to match your gift of treasure, talent, or time.
Our funders
Thank you to our visionary philanthropic and corporate funders who make our mission possible. Together, we harness the power of data science and AI in the service of humanity and help solve the most pressing challenges around the world.
Mastercard Center For Inclusive Growth
The Rockefeller Foundation
Hilton Foundation
Schmidt Futures
Wellcome Trust
Jessie Ball DuPont Fund
Johnson and Johnson Foundation
Meet a few of our supporters
We are grateful to individual supporters who contribute to our data-for-good work leveraging data science and AI to serve communities around the globe.

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Ada Tong
Arina Igumenshcheva
Ben Lebovitz
Cheryl Wiebe
Chip Felton
Daniel Nissani
Danning Chen
Daud Sikander
David Han
Elisia Getts
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
J. Ben Greisman
Jade Tabony
Jai Bansal
Jaya Pokuri
Jeshua Bratman
Jonathan Hernandez
Jony Zambrano
Kate & Tai Sutliff
Katy Moore
Kelly Domico
Kevin Fries
Krutika Choudhary
Kyle Gilson
Larry Kilroy
Lila Zapata
Lindsay Siegel
Lorenzo Rubio
Loukianos Spyrou
Lydia Sanyu
Maja Ferle
Manu Sharma
Marina Bennett
Martijn Wieriks
Matt Harris
Matthew Zhou
Max Richman
Melinda Tellez
Natalie Zhang
Neal Fultz
Patrick Haas
Peer Shajudeen
Peter Luftig
Praveen Rao
Quentin Walz & Jenn Houser
Rachel Wilkerson
Rahul Ragunathan
Raina Han
Ramya Ravichandran
Richard Pelgrim
Robby Taine
Russatta Buford
Santiago Perez
Sashi Marella
Shanna Lee
Shanshan Wang
Shanti Agung
Shao-Fang (Pam) Wang
Smit Mehta
Stacey Ronaghan
Stefan Hilts
Stephen Lewchuk
Tahir Mahmood
Tamar Copeland & Greg Outcalt
Tao Cao
Tina Toni
Tom Wilseck
Victoria Hollingshead
Vijay Srikanth
Zhenzhong Xu