Community events

We are grateful for our community of passionate data scientists, visionary partners and mission-driven organizations for their talent, commitment and energy to use data science in the service of humanity. Indeed, it’s these thousands of individuals worldwide that make our work possible. Community events are designed to be welcoming spaces for data and social sector experts to lean in, shake hands, and get on a first name basis. They are also spaces where future projects are born, the start of a greater journey toward using data science to do good.

Ready to do good with data?

Social Mixers

Cross-sector collaboration doesn't happen in stuffy white papers, it happens one on one, over snacks, jokes and new conversation. These events are designed to help data science and social sector experts expand their networks.

Educational Workshops

The first step in harnessing the power of data science is learning what data science is all about! These events often feature an expert speaker, panel or a DataCorps team presenting its work to showcase real examples of data science in action.

Project Accelerators

These brainstorming sessions help organizations take the first steps toward a successful data science project by bringing together a roundtable of data science experts to provide quick advice and consulting.