It’s 2022, and DataKind is turning 10! This year, we’re honored to celebrate the Power of a Decade of leading the Data Science and AI for Good movement!

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DataKind UK

DataKind UK

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Pivotal, The Bower, 211 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NR

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10 Portfleet Place, London N1 5SZ

At DataKind UK, we believe that the same algorithms and techniques that companies use to boost profits can be leveraged by mission-driven organisations to improve the world, from battling hunger to advocating for child well-being and more. However, most social change organisations don’t have the budget or staff to take full advantage of this data revolution and most data scientists don't realise just how valuable their skills can be.

Since we were founded in 2013, we've worked to understand the social sector’s needs and how we can harness the power of pro bono data scientists to support the sector. We have run DataDive® and DataCorps® projects with more than 80 charities, and are now, by far, the most experienced provider of charity data science support in the UK. 

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Meet the Team

  • Nicole Holgate, Communications Officer

    Nicole is DataKind UK’s Communications Officer and ensures the world knows as much as possible about their work and impact. She has been working as a charity communicator for more than six years, with a background in literature and journalism. Before joining DataKind she worked for homelessness fundraiser Church Homeless Trust, and also volunteers for Sunday Assembly London. In her spare time she enjoys singing in a choir and cycling around London.

  • Dulcie Vousden, Data Science Lead

    Dulcie oversees our data science support initiatives, providing technical oversight for our Office Hours, DataDive, and DataCorps programmes, and working directly with charities to understand their data science needs. Before joining DataKind UK, Dulcie completed a PhD in medical biophysics and neuroscience at the University of Toronto, Canada and was most recently a scientific researcher at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre at UCL. She has over 10 years of experience designing and analysing data-focused projects and is excited to empower social change organisations to increase their impact using data!

  • Giselle Cory, Executive Director

    Giselle oversees the running of DataKind UK, empowering our community of volunteers in their use of data for social good. Giselle has spent over a decade working in social change organisations: from Government (Cabinet Office and Treasury), to national charities and think tanks. Highlights so far include being a leading contributor to a progressive change in childcare policy and later successfully campaigning for further childcare funding for working families. Prior to joining the team at DataKind UK, Giselle was a longtime core volunteer. Giselle believes that smart, responsible data collection and use can help the social sector tackle some of the UK’s biggest challenges. With an undergraduate degree in Maths and Physics, Giselle is a lover of lifelong learning, having since gone on to study as a mature student and earn a Diploma in Economics and a Masters in Computational Journalism. Giselle is currently trying their hand at creative writing on the side.

  • Suzy East, Community Project Manager

    Suzy is in charge of making sure DataKind UK events go off without a hitch, and ensuring that our thriving UK community of volunteer data scientists is happy and engaged. New to the Data for Good movement, Suzy has previously dabbled in data in the adtech industry. More recently she worked with food and farming charity Sustain, campaigning for a fairer food system (avoid mentioning food waste or recycling around her unless you have a few hours to spare). She studied languages at university and has spent time working or studying in France, Spain, Chile and Brazil.

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