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Pivotal, The Bower, 211 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NR

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10 Portfleet Place, London N1 5SZ

DataKind UK launched in April 2013 as DataKind's first Chapter. It is an independently-run charity that upholds DataKind's vision of using data in the service of humanity. 

DataKind UK supports charities and social enterprises large and small across a variety of issue areas. We run DataDive weekends in London and further afield focused on exploratory analysis and prototyping; and we undertake ambitious DataCorps projects with nonprofits to deliver cutting-edge data science solutions. If you work for a UK-based nonprofit and have a data science project you want help with please submit your project here. If your nonprofit needs advice on working with data then sign up to attend our monthly office hours.

If you have data science or project management skills and would like to volunteer, then we’d love to hear from you - tell us about yourself! 

DataKind UK is supported by a range of British companies and foundations. A huge thank you to Pivotal Labs for hosting the DataKind UK team in their Old Street offices.

DataKind UK is a charity registered in England & Wales (No. 1154213)

Company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales (No. 08462148)

Meet the Team

  • Emma Prest, Executive Director

    Emma oversees the running of DataKind UK, leading the community of volunteers and building understanding about what data science can do in the charitable sector. Emma sits on the Editorial Advisory Committee at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. She was previously a programme coordinator at Tactical Tech, providing hands-on help for activists using data in campaigns. Emma holds an MA in Public Policy with a specialism in Media, Information & Communications from Central European University in Hungary and a degree in Politics and Geography from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Tracey Gyateng, Data Science Manager

    Tracey leads on working with charities to use data (both numbers and words) to support decision making through the use of data science. She also manages strategic projects - with a current focus on data governance and ethics. Previously, she was data labs project manager at New Philanthropy Capital, helping charities to use government administrative datasets for programme evaluation.

  • Suzy East, Project Coordinator

    Suzy is in charge of making sure DataKind UK events go off without a hitch, and ensuring that our thriving UK community of volunteer data scientists is happy and engaged. New to the Data for Good movement, Suzy has previously dabbled in data in the adtech industry. More recently she worked with food and farming charity Sustain, campaigning for a fairer food system (avoid mentioning food waste or recycling around her unless you have a few hours to spare). She studied languages at university and has spent time working or studying in France, Spain, Chile and Brazil.

  • Michelle Lee, Chapter Leader

    Michelle began her life with DataKind working on a DataCorps project in NYC. After moving to London for work, she immediately got involved with DataKind UK. Michelle now leads the Selecton, Scoping & Impact Committee making sure we find the right partners and projects. By day, she works on AI Solutions in the Risk Analytics Data Science team at Deloitte UK, specialising in supervised machine learning. Michelle is a graduate of Stanford University, where she studied Political Science and Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Decision-Making and Rationality.

  • Joe Harris, Chapter Leader

    As Chapter Lead for the Community Committee, Joe works to strengthen and expand our engaged community of DataKind volunteers. He built his career in consulting roles and traveled the world to embed analytical approaches within major retailers. Joe is a freelance data scientist, sports fan and maths-lover. He's also the founder of White Ball Analytics, a company that specializes in applying and communicating data science to change the game of cricket.

  • Mike Taylor, Chapter Leader

    As Chapter Lead for the Programme's Committee, Mike's focus is instilling a rigorous delivery approach to ensure DataKind's UK's output is both top notch and on schedule. He's a long time management/technology consultant with 13 years of experience almost exclusively within the financial services industry. Outside of this he dabbles in tech startups in the fintech and recruitment space and attempts to recapture his glory days as basketball coach.

  • Fran Bennett, Trustee

    Fran runs a startup called Mastodon C, which is made up of big data technology specialists. She spends her days talking to big enterprises and governments about the exciting potential of making better use of data. For the past seven years, she was also a trustee of a mental health charity in Hackney, East London, which makes her doubly excited about the potential to bring better use of data to the charity sector!

  • Hannah Underwood, Trustee

    Hannah has long been a science boffin, fascinated in how people learn, behave and develop. For almost 10 years, Hannah has led The Key, a charity which empowers young people to unlock their potential. After The Key was lucky enough to benefit from the UK’s first-ever DataDive, Hannah was hooked. She continued to drive a data agenda through the heart of her small charity and was honored to become a Director of DataKind UK. Hannah wants more charities to understand the importance and power of data and to how it can be used to maximise the impact they make in society. Hannah also brews beer, competes at ten-pin bowling, loves smashing up old houses and is a Trustee for a 78 year old boutique cinema.

  • Duncan Ross, Chair of Trustees

    Duncan has been a data miner for far too long, and is the Data and Analytics Director for TES Global. As part of this role he talks to customers and prospects across the world about the joys of data science - which is why he got involved in DataKind. If companies could do this, then why not charities? He twisted Jake's arm to let him set up DataKind UK with Fran, Kaitlin and Hannah. He is a serial volunteer, having been a City Councillor, chair of trustees of a national charity, founder of a farmers' market, press officer for a historic building on reality TV, co-founder of the Society of Data Miners, and one of the first UK Data Ambassadors when DataKind came calling. He lives in a town designed to caused severe pronunciation problems in the US: Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire.   

  • Jake Porway, Trustee

    Jake is a machine learning and technology enthusiast who loves nothing more than seeing good values in data. He founded DataKind™ in the hopes of creating a world in which every social organization has access to data capacity to better serve humanity. He was most recently the data scientist in the New York Times R&D lab and remains an active member of the data science community. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Statistics from UCLA.

  • Alexandra Rehak, Trustee

    Alexandra Rehak is an independent strategy consultant and analyst with over 20 years of experience in the telecoms, media and technology sector, focusing on the Internet of Things, digital health and big data. She’s currently an Associate Partner with STL Partners where she helps companies find the best ways to analyse and interpret data. After volunteering for DataKind UK in early 2015 to support a children’s health charity, Auditory Verbal, she was hooked on the idea of data for good! Alexandra is a born-and-bred New Yorker, but now lives with her family in Cambridge. She dreams of someday introducing real bagels to the UK.

  • Ed Anderton, Trustee

    Ed Anderton has had a varied career in the social sector, ranging through performing arts, education, conflict resolution, grant-making and a stint in Whitehall. He's passionate about making better use of the information we have in the social sector so we can direct resources to the people and organisations who can make best use of them. A longtime supporter of DataKind UK, he had the pleasure of joining his first DataJam while at Access Foundation. Ed plays in a variety of bands, teaches guitar at the mighty Hackney School of Folk, and aspires one day to be a competent drummer.

  • Bethia McNeil, Trustee

    Bethia is the Director of the Centre for Youth Impact where she works to improve impact measurement in youth work. She previously worked at the Dartington Social Research Unit, the Young Foundation, the National Youth Agency and NIACE (now the Learning and Work Institute), in a variety of policy and research roles. Bethia is a Clore Fellow and a Senior Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Trent University.

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