Manager or Senior Manager, Human Resources

Brooklyn, NY but location is flexible

About DataKind

DataKind is a global nonprofit dedicated to harnessing the power of data science and artificial intelligence (AI) in the service of humanity. Named one of Fast Company's 2017 top 10 innovative nonprofits, DataKind teams talented pro bono experts from academia and industry with visionary changemakers to collaboratively design innovative solutions to tough social challenges. We help social organizations apply their data to predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms, and AI needs in a way that both increases impact and prioritizes ethics.

  • We are 20,000 strong: DataKind volunteers hail from almost every country across the world, representing a community of technologists and social change makers who believe in using data science and AI for a stronger planet and a more just and prosperous world.
  • We have served 300+ projects around the world: From using satellite imagery to measure crop yields to automating the fight against hate speech online, our volunteer community has shown up to support a range of humanitarian needs around the world. Through this approach, illustrating what we call “the art of the possible,” these projects have resulted in more effective NGOs, more funding for social change organizations, and more awareness of the power (and pitfalls) of data science and AI in the social sector. 
  • People are at the center of our process: The most advanced machine learning algorithms are useless if they’re not designed for real people’s problems. DataKind celebrates human centered design principles that focus on the “why,” the “for whom,” and the “should we” long before we ever get going on the “what.”
  • “AI for Good” will only succeed if it’s “AI for All”: We will continue our work until all people and all communities can use digital technology for the outcomes they want to see. We support not just the tech communities of today, but anyone in any community who wants to lead in how data technologies serve their needs fairly, with an emphasis on including individuals from groups that are historically underrepresented in technology or will be impacted by the intervention. 

The Next Phase

DataKind has always known that we will not be able to combat all of the world’s looming challenges on the backs of individual, short-term projects alone. We are now focusing the DataKind network on issue areas, including improving health outcomes and increasing economic resilience for all. You can read more about the new strategy here.

About the Opportunity 

The Manager or Senior Manager, Human Resources will ensure the well-being and productivity of the growing DataKind team. You’ll be responsible for making sure we’re living the values we espouse in the way we treat our people: from hiring strong, diverse team members to ensuring their feedback is heard and acted upon, we’re walking the walk as an equity-oriented, anti-racist organization. Reporting to the Director, Operations, you’ll manage our day-to-day people operations, combining deep people orientation and passion for working across lines of difference with experience coordinating across stakeholders, mobilizing others, and getting things done. You’ll relish the room for creativity in this role, looking for ways to innovate and improve, while also respecting critical details, business needs, and compliance requirements.

What You’ll Do 

The Manager will be responsible for the following in addition to other projects as assigned:

Staff Engagement, Professional Development, and Culture (45%*)

  • Embody DataKind’s norms and values; look for ways to continuously reemphasize them to new hires and tenured staff alike. 
  • Support DataKind’s commitment to become an anti-racist organization, including joining the DEI Steering Team and considering equity and inclusiveness in how Human Resources work is executed.
  • Compose and issue regular engagement surveys; support the Director, Operations to design and implement action plans based on the findings. 
  • Lead office events team, from social outings and games to celebrations of birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Look for ways to design pathways for feedback as a two-way street, from coaching managers on official channels to keeping an unofficial pulse check through strong relationships across teams and hierarchy levels. 

Talent Acquisition and Onboarding (40%*)

  • Cultivate a robust recruitment pipeline for each role and for future opportunities, with an emphasis on candidates who align with DataKind’s values and identify with groups that have been under-represented in the tech space. 
  • Steward cost-efficient and timely hiring. This includes working with hiring managers to understand their needs and equip them to succeed in role scoping, interviewing, and decision-making. 
  • Manage a data-driven process that mitigates bias, from defining core competencies to use in assessing candidates to tracking any correlation between demographics and success in the process; use your findings to continuously improve how we work. 
  • Work with managers to transition staff and contractors in and out of our organization smoothly, positioning them and their teammates for success.

Benefits, Compensation, and Compliance (15%*)

  • Stay abreast of changing policies and regulations, initiating updates as needed; maintain compliance with global, federal, and state regulations concerning employment, benefits, and leaves of absence.
  • Select and review benefits within our PEO, Justworks; answer staff questions and implement accommodations for special cases like out-of-state employees.
  • Support regular compensation reviews to ensure staff at all levels are compensated fairly.
  • Maintain staff and contractor records as well as documentation of processes and decision-making (e.g., hiring, promotion, termination).
  • Track and promote staff use of annual professional development funds and share or create additional opportunities for learning.

*These estimates are subject to change based on business needs. 

Who You Are

    • You have human resources experience. In particular, you have experience being a trusted partner on sensitive issues. You have enough knowledge of labor laws and regulations to manage some work on your own and to identify when you need to seek more information, e.g. through research or consulting our pro bono legal team. You have a strong sense of ethics and integrity, and you are ready to quickly learn any human resources areas that are new to you, becoming the go-to expert on DataKind’s team.  
    • You balance business sense with customer service orientation. You’re very strong interpersonally: you work with care, empathy, integrity, and you bring the emotional intelligence needed to put people at ease. You seek to build relationships and understand individual situations; you listen with empathy and know when to ask follow-up questions to get the full story. You also understand organizational needs and legal requirements. In doing so, you act with discretion and exercise good judgment. For example, you can give an unpopular response with heart. You analyze feedback data to inform your actions but never forget there are people behind each of the numbers.
    • You are an experienced project manager. You have a proven track record of successfully managing multi-stakeholder projects and love moving an idea from conception to implementation. You are comfortable planning to meet milestones and mitigate contingencies. You readily pick up new systems to streamline processes and you know how to build buy-in from others. You identify problems early and are proactive about creating solutions so you can meet your goals on time. Bonus if you’ve managed talent recruitment and hiring processes. 
    • You are a clear communicator. You know people are busy: you give them the bottom line up front, you tell them what you need from them, and you repeat the message across multiple channels. Moreover, you do this with tact and enthusiasm. Others don’t just know what they need to do next; they want to do it. And, you have experience managing communication and collaboration in a remote context. Whether spoken or written, planned or off the cuff, you represent the face of our policies and the soul of our team. 
    • You are a self-starter and get stuff done. Whether it’s on your own or through others, your experience, transparency, and organization allow you to get the nuts and bolts in place in record time, always with support and input from the rest of the organization. You are able to work independently with some guidance from your manager. 
    • You are values-aligned and understand the bigger picture. You share DataKind’s values of humility, transparency, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), thoughtfulness, excellence, and approachability. Continuous improvement is a mantra of yours. You will always be contributing learnings to the team so we can make constant updates to our processes and our team’s experience. You have an eye towards how lived experience shapes how each of us see and are seen by the world; you believe collaboration across difference leads to better outcomes, and you center equity in your work.

How You’ll be Measured

At the end of Year One, the Manager, Human Resources will have accomplished the following:

  • Filled any open roles with full-time staff or contractors within 90 days of posting the job description/request for proposals (RFP)
  • Maintained our rolling retention rate at 75% or above.
  • Led the volunteer-run Events Team, with each DataKind staff member attending 75% of activities from birthday celebrations to games and happy hours.
  • Reviewed staff benefits, compensation, and policies, including our Employee Handbook, with all staff reporting they understand what’s available to them and expected of them in these areas.
  • Updated our hiring guide with new metrics to assess success that specifically considers how to build equity and inclusiveness into the process at every step. 


  • Enthusiastic alignment with DataKind’s mission and values, with an understanding of how identity impacts power and access differently in different parts of the world and an ability to build trusting relationships across lines of difference. 

  • At least 3-5 years of work experience for a manager, 5-7 for a senior manager.

    • At least 3 years of experience in human resources roles like HR generalist, HR specialist, learning & development specialist, or talent recruiter. 

  • Strong project management skills with experience managing complex processes with multiple participants/stakeholders from start to finish.

  • Clear and compelling oral and written communicator: able to adapt approach to influence others and to actively listen such that others feel heard.

  • Experience leveraging technology to streamline processes; bonus if familiar with a specific applicant tracking system, CRM database, and/or project/performance management software.

  • Experience working in a nonprofit or start-up organization preferred, ideally across multiple time zones or countries.

Why Work with DataKind

At DataKind, we believe that people are the most important asset to delivering on their mission to collaboratively design data-driven, innovative solutions to tough social challenges. Working with us means that you will have: 

  • Flexibility in your working schedule. This includes things like working from home, leaving early to care for kids, coming in late to walk your dog, etc. This also means that you have unlimited PTO.
  • Access to an outstanding health plan. We pay 100% of medical, vision, and dental benefits for employees and contribute partially for spouse/kids/family members.
  • Support to plan for your future. We offer a 401(k) match up to 5%.
  • Opportunities to learn and grow. Each year, we budget for each staff person to have ongoing professional development support.

To Apply

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter detailing their interest in our mission and qualifications for the position here

DataKind is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Naturally, DataKind is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages candidates from underrepresented groups in tech to apply. DataKind does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected category.

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis.