Get Involved – Data4Good Jobs & Events Monthly Roundup!

June 5, 2017

Eager to flex your data skills for good? Each month, we do a roundup of job and volunteer opportunities through DataKind as well as other organizations around the world!

To help you get started, check out DataLook's definitive guide to doing data science for good and our Data4Good Kit.

DataKind Volunteer Opportunities 

DataKind Singapore Data Jam - July 5, Singapore
Join in this working session to clean and prep data for analysis!

Upcoming Events and Conferences 

DataKind's Jake Porway moderates panel at Personal Democracy Forum - June 9, New York
Join our own Jake Porway for what is sure to be a rollicking panel on Trust, Availability, and Applicability: The Role of Data Science in a Post-Fact World. Transitioning from an administration that held the first U.S. Chief Data Scientist to one that is working to erase data from government websites, and a world in which some embrace and see the potential of data to create positive social change while others are skeptical and fearful, data science finds itself hanging in the balance. How do we re-instill the public’s trust in data science and how can it be used toward protecting civil liberties and rights?
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DataKind UK Meetup – June 12, UK
DataKind UK will be reporting back on a recent DataDive we ran in partnership with the Office for National Statistics. Come and hear about the two fantastic charity projects we worked on!
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DataKind Dublin DataDives and speaks at the DataSummit - June 14-15, Dublin
DataKind Dublin volunteers will be showcasing the work of DataKind, introducing attendees to the Data for Good movement, and running a mini DataDive focused on data visualisation.
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Beyond DataKind - Our Top Picks to Get Involved 

GatherIQ App: Turn Data Into Good
GatherIQ™ is a crowdsourcing community of volunteers who aren’t afraid to dig into some data. Offer a fresh perspective that can turn the world’s most challenging social issues into solvable puzzles. The app brings together the power of SAS® software, the talents of everyday problem-solvers and the life-saving causes of nonprofits around the world. You don’t need to be a data scientist. Or spend hours of your time. Just get involved.
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DrivenData's Random Walk of the Penguins - Mid June, Virtual.
Penguins are among the most charismatic animals in the world and have captured the imaginations of news-makers, scientists, film producers, and the general public. Beyond their general intrinsic value, they are considered important ecosystem indicators. In other words, monitoring these beautiful species can tell us a lot about the general health of the Antarctic because penguins are important krill and fish predators, and changes (natural or anthropogenic) that influence prey abundance and environmental conditions will ultimately be detected through changes in distribution or population size. Data on penguin populations are limited because most monitored colonies are near permanent research stations and other sites are surveyed only sporadically. Your goal is to predict the number of penguins at different sites at different times. 
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Mapping Campaign to Fight Malaria - Ongoing, Virtual
DigitalGlobe is part of a malaria mapping consortium along with Gates Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative, PATH, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, MapBox and University of California-San Francisco. We’ve got an ongoing crowdsourcing campaign to map every household across more than 500,000 sq km in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Laos, Cambodia, Guatemala and Honduras. The data will be used to inform a wide range of malaria planning and interventions on the ground in these countries, and the data will be publically available in OSM.
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NBCUniversal Social Hack with NYC Media Lab - Apply by June 9th
Developers, designers and data scientists are invited to apply their skills to help prototype solutions for real-world problems. Two nonprofit partners, Per Scholas and Move For Hunger, will lead specific prototyping tracks and provide subject-matter mentorship and firsthand experiences in addressing community challenges. 
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#Data4Good Job Round Up 

DataKind is Hiring!

  • Our Community Engagement Manager will ensure that our vast network of data do-gooders is active, productive, and happy.
  • Working in concert with our Managing Director of Capital & Growth, our Individual Giving Lead will cultivate, manage, and grow these relationships to help DataKind scale its efforts and advance its mission.
  • The Finance & Operations Manager will be tasked with keeping DataKind's accounting systems in line and streamlining solutions to manage budgets, time and expenses, ultimately making our processes more efficient so we can spend more time doing what we do best – applying data for good. 

Other Great Organizations Hiring Too…

Build Your Skills

beyond.uptake Data Fellows program - kicks off August 2017
At social sector organizations, there is often only one technical director responsible for managing the organization’s data. Many are self-taught data scientists making large-scale decisions through data but without much training or support from their resource-strained organizations. beyond.uptake provides data-for-good professionals with the tools and community they need to solve big problems in the social sector.
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