Get Involved – Data4Good Jobs & Events Monthly Roundup!

December 14, 2017

Eager to flex your data skills for good? Each month, we do a roundup of job and volunteer opportunities through DataKind as well as other organizations around the world!

To help you get started, check out DataLook's definitive guide to doing data science for good and our Data4Good Kit

Upcoming Events and Conferences 

DataKind Bangalore Meetup - December 16
Work with volunteers to help gather, munge, and explore open data available in a specific public sector.

Beyond DataKind - Our Top Picks to Get Involved 

Use Machine Learning to Detect Lung Cancer Earlier - DrivenData and Concept to Clinic
Using imagery from CT scans and machine learning, help clinicians identify and interpret lung nodules.
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GatherIQ App: Turn Data Into Good
GatherIQ™ is a crowdsourcing community of volunteers who aren’t afraid to dig into some data. Offer a fresh perspective that can turn the world’s most challenging social issues into solvable puzzles. The app brings together the power of SAS® software, the talents of everyday problem-solvers and the life-saving causes of nonprofits around the world. You don’t need to be a data scientist. Or spend hours of your time. Just get involved.
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Mapping Campaign to Fight Malaria - Ongoing, Virtual
DigitalGlobe is part of a malaria mapping consortium along with Gates Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative, PATH, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, MapBox and University of California-San Francisco. We’ve got an ongoing crowdsourcing campaign to map every household across more than 500,000 sq km in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Laos, Cambodia, Guatemala and Honduras. The data will be used to inform a wide range of malaria planning and interventions on the ground in these countries, and the data will be publically available in OSM.
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Data for Good Job Opportunities  

Build Your Skills

10% Off Metis Professional Development Evening Courses - New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle & Online
Ideal for the working professional, these accredited courses – e.g. Machine Learning and Deep Learning with TensorFlow – are designed to provide laser focus on relevant topics and skills that will enhance your career. Our friends at Metis have been kind enough to offer a tuition reduction for the DataKind community. Just use the code “DataKind” to enjoy 10% off any of their part-time evening courses.
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