Let's use data to change the world. Here's how.

Sorting the puzzle

The Puzzle:
NGOs and other mission-driven organizations are faced with an onslaught of decisions on how to best collect, analyze and visualize the data that will help them make the world a better place. 

The Solution:
We create teams of pro bono data scientists who work together with these organizations to understand the need, find a solution, and collaborate to tackle the problem with data science.

The Big Picture:
Organizations get a solution they can use along with an education in data science, our volunteers get real world experience and the warm fuzzies, and we all get to live in a better world.

Blog Post / 07.02.14

Dispatch From the Frontlines of Data: DataKind goes to Eyeo

Wait - you weren't at the Eyeo Festival this year?  Come, live vicariously through our very own Peter Darche as he highlights some of the coolest things coming out of that beautiful intersection of data, art & technology.

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