We're tackling the world's biggest problems
through data science.

Here's how.

Sorting the puzzle

The Puzzle:
NGOs and other mission-driven organizations are faced with an onslaught of decisions on how to best collect, analyze and visualize the data that will help them make the world a better place. 

The Solution:
We create teams of pro bono data scientists who work together with these organizations to understand the need, find a solution, and collaborate to tackle the problem with data science.

The Big Picture:
Organizations get a solution they can use along with an education in data science, our volunteers get real world experience and the warm fuzzies, and we all get to live in a better world.

Blog Post / 11.25.14

Finding DataKind's Director of Programs

Learn more about DataKind's Director of Programs role in this interview with Jake Porway, DataKind's Executive Director, and Q Ethan McCallum, our interim Director of Programs. A little Q&A with Q&J!

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