New Video! Data Science Improving Traffic Safety

June 28, 2017

According to the National Safety Council, traffic collisions cause more than 40,000 deaths and injure thousands of people every year across the United States. Since cities in Sweden started the Vision Zero movement in the 1990s, many U.S. cities are now joining the effort as part of the Vision Zero Network, pledging to reduce these preventable traffic fatalities and injuries to zero in their communities

We recently completed our first ever Labs project, in partnership with Microsoft, to support the Vision Zero movement by using data science to improve traffic safety in three cities nationwide.

But how exactly are cities now applying data science in their work to make streets safer? Check out our new video case study to hear directly from New York and Seattle representatives on the impact of the work.


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Interested in replicating this work in your own city or learning more about the nuts and bolts of how these collaborations happen? Check out the written case study for more resources, including our new Labs Blueprint.