Meet Julia, our Managing Director of Capital and Growth
November 13, 2015

The investment our supporters make in DataKind and the broader Data for Good movement is much more than financial. They are our thought partners, experts in their field that help keep our finger on the pulse on the latest advancements in the data science and social impact spaces.

Just as we bring together teams of data scientists with social change organizations to harness the power of data science in the service of humanity, so too do we rally corporate and foundation partners to pool their resources to scale this work even further. They enable us to strengthen DataKind as an organization so we can facilitate even more engagements.

Joining our executive team to engage and grow our network of supporters and develop a sustainability strategy for DataKind overall is Julia Rhodes Davis, Managing Director of Capital and Growth.

We are so pleased to welcome Julia to the team - learn more about her background below!


What were you up to before you came to DataKind?

Most recently, I served on the leadership team at Citizen Engagement Lab (CEL), managing a portfolio of tech-fueled social change startups including CounterPAC, Long Distance Voter, and the CEL Culture Lab.  I also led development and fundraising efforts for CEL and laid the foundation for its newest earned revenue strategy in engagement consulting. Prior to CEL, I spent a year working with the community of Red Hook, Brooklyn, to recover from Hurricane Sandy, and was also running Production Collective, a consulting firm I co-founded in 2008, that worked with a variety of mission-driven organizations.

How did you hear about DataKind?

I first heard of DataKind through a mutual Advisor, Adene Sacks. Thanks to her, I’ve been in touch with DataKind founders Jake Porway and Craig Barowsky for the better part of a year and watched DataKind grow and mature as an organization.

Tell us about your role - what will you be working on?

As Managing Director with a focus on capital and growth strategy, I am going to be responsible for developing and leading a sustainable business strategy. DataKind has built an extraordinary network of partners and supporters and I am thrilled to be able to leverage this foundation for long term sustainability and impact.

Why are you excited to join the DataKind team?

DataKind is at an exciting moment in its lifecycle where the ecosystem we need to engage to achieve our mission is growing and, as an organization, we’re becoming clear about the best role for us to play. We have incredible partners and allies, from our Chapter Leaders, our corporate partners, our foundation and nonprofit partners, to the thousands of passionate volunteers that bring their data science skills  to bear on the world’s biggest problems. And we have an incredible and growing staff with whom I look forward to leading in this next phase.

When you’re not busy using data science to change the world, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love building community, whether that be a community of support around a social change organization in my work, or in my spare time around the dinner table over a meal. My current community-building extra curricular activity is launching a local wine shop in Oakland, California where I live.

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